Sacred Earth Oracle Layout & Info

The Earth Turns Layout

“If we wish to understand the nature of the universe, we have an inner hidden advantage: we are ourselves little portions of the universe and so carry the answer within us.”
-Jacques Boivin

(This is how the layout looks)

These are how it looks with the cards I picked with 3 that popped out at me:…the one at the far right says unity.

• The 1st and 2nd cards represent your ideals and your base foundations. The opposing positions are above and below you. Consider what they have in common as well as the conflict in their messages.

• The 3rd cars represents what’s already behind you. Imagine the turning of the earth: this card is heading away from the present and embodies the consequences of the past.

• The first 3 cards are fixed in place and cannot be changed. Understand them in terms of the influences and actions that brought you to your present question and will continue to have an impact on what’s to come.

• The 4th card signifies where you are now, as influenced by the cards above, below and before it. Relate it’s message directly to your question and your present position.

• The 5th card is the foreseeable future. As the earth turns, this is the card you can see on the horizon. You are aware of this probability and have time to prepare for it’s arrival. This card is in flux, but it will take a drastic or committed change in the present to transform it completely.

• The 6th card is currently in the darkness, on the other side of the planet.
~ In a contemplation reading, it represents the shadow self.
~ In a guidance reading, it shows that which is hidden or outside of your awareness.
~ In a divination reading, it shows a possible future that you still have influence over.

• Asking about and accepting the future as it is, is passive. A detached approach is useful in drawing the lessons from your past, clarifying your current position and considering your future. But once you have passively analyzed the above layout, it’s time to get active. This is your life! :relaxed:

A poem:

"Within the garden in your heart a beautiful soul exists
That beautiful soul is you.

This moment with no beginning or end, no point of entry

No leaving, coming or going, just uncontainable life

Unpredictable, like these words, trying to express the inexpressible

Like light flickering through clouds of illusion
Like a flame glowing inside of us
And every leaf and every blade of grass

For we are all flames of the sacred fire
Burning our way through time
And all that lies beyond it

We are this most Sacred Earth
And air
And water

The faint memory
Of an ancient sun
That still glows inside us

And crimson leaves
Falling through
Gold light"
-Toni Carmine Salerno


Love the cards, thank you for sharing the information of this layout, and the poem is stunning :heart_eyes:.


Thanks for this my friend. It’s interesting. And I love those cards, they’re so pretty!


Thanks so much my friend :blush::two_hearts:


I love this deck. The only thing with using it is that they’re huge cards and are at times challenging to shuffle :joy:


I get that, I’m still getting the handle of shuffling my newer deck and it’s not that big. I just have fumble fingers.


A beautiful tarot spread that pairs perfectly with the poem- thanks so much for sharing this, @Christina4! :earth_americas: :two_hearts:


It does get easier with time and practice. What I used to do before I could shuffle is lay out all the cards and just mix them up manually :sweat_smile:


You’re very welcome :pray::relaxed: