Salem, MA πŸŒ™

So my girlfriend just booked the Salem Inn over my birthday in Salem, MA :blush:, does anyone have any things to suggest as a must see or must do while there ?!?!!


Nope but Jealous just the same.


How exciting, @GeminiGoddess523!!! :heart_eyes: :black_cat: :broom:

I love Salem so much I actually wrote up a post about it a while back, it has a few recommendations and tidbits you may find interesting: Salem: A Town of Witches :sparkles:

Naturally, there are plenty of witchy sites and shops to explore- and in addition to the magickal spots around town, you will also find plenty of other interesting things too! There’s a great museum, a lively Asian community, the historic House of Seven Gables, beaches, great seafood, and so much more :lobster:

(Can you tell how much I adore Salem? :laughing:)

Parking can be a nightmare if you drive there, but there are several parking garages (we always use the one near the museum- if you buy something in some of the shops in the Witch City Mall, you can get your ticket validated :wink:). There is always excitement in Salem, but you should be able to get around without too much trouble as long as you aren’t going in October.

I hope you and your girlfriend have a blast! :blush: Have a wonderful time in Salem! :heart:


This is so exciting. I cant wait to hear about it when you get back!!


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