Samhain: Messages From the Dead

Samhain: Messages From the Dead
This ceremony is to welcome benevolent spirits of the dead into your space and receive their messages. The human skull is believed to create a conduit between the dead and the living.

Items Needed:
:candle:1 (9-foot piece) black string with the ends tied together
:candle: Athame
:candle: 1 cup wine or juice
:candle: 1 cup graveyard dirt
:candle: 1 Quartz crystal skull :skull: (I personally think any type would do)
:candle: 1 coin

  1. Gather your materials, outdoors if possible, after dark.
  2. Lay the string in a circle on the ground with your materials inside it. Stand inside the circle, facing east. Using your Athame or index finger, trace the perimeter of the circle clockwise while saying, β€œThis magic circle protects me during this working. By the power of the elements, no unwanted spirits can cross this boundary.”
    Finish in the east.
  3. Sit within the circle. Set the glass of wine across from you, as if you’re facing someone.
  4. Between yourself and the glass of wine, make a small mound of graveyard dirt. Place the crystal skull upon it.
  5. Hold the glass of wine up to the night sky. Say, "Spirits of the mighty dead, I invited you to my circle. With love and respect, I honor you."
    Pour the wine into the ground as an offering.
  6. Pick the skull up with both hands and look into it’s face. Say, "Beloved ancestors and benevolent strangers, I invite you to come through this crystal and speak to me. I am open to hearing your messages and accepting your guidance."
  7. Gaze into the crystal skull. Allow yourself to fully relax. You may wish to close your eyes and receive mental images from the spirits. Pay attention to what you feel, hear, see, and smell. All of these impressions can be messages from the dead.
  8. When you are in a receptive state, you will understand what all these impressions mean, especially if you’re adept at meditation. Otherwise, write your impressions down for later interpretation.
  9. When you’re finished, place the coun on the graveyard dirt and say, "Dearest dead, thank you for your wisdom and connection."
  10. Remove the circle by again tracing it with your athame, going counterclockwise this time.
  11. Remove all the materials except the coun and the graveyard dirt; leave those behind.

Graveyard dirt is exactly that-dirt taken respectfully from a graveyard. While collecting graveyard dirt, be sure to leave behind offerings to the dead, such as crystals, coins, or flowers.


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