Second Guessing

Merry meet,
I feel my connections weakening. Torn between intellectual wisdom and higher level understanding. Is it good for a young witch to write their own spells? It’s like I know what I need, and how I want to cast. But, I find myself second guessing myself. Overly cautious of my approach and motivations.


I believe that a spell written by the witch casting it is usually going to be more potent than one they found. In my opinion, writing the spell gives the witch a closer connection to what’s happening, the intent behind the spell, and the energy surrounding the work. I think it’s absolutely okay for young witches to write their own spells!

Can I ask what you mean when you say you’re torn between intellectual wisdom and higher-level understanding?


Hello @Danthony1,

I would say a confident yes to this! I’m in the same school of thought as Megan- writing your own spell allows you to make something that fits your exact needs. It is a great way to make a very personal and well-suited spell. As an added bonus, it helps a witch learn more about the ingredients of the spell and how they work together- spell writing is a great learning experience! :blush:

If you don’t feel quite ready to start from a blank page, one suggestion is to find an already-written spell that is close to what you wish to achieve. Then, you can look at the list of ingredients and substitute/add/remove things. This way, you have a template and can just customize it to suit you and the situation.

Have confidence in yourself, Danthony- you can do this! If you have any questions about certain ingredients, feel free to post them here to get some second opinions- the Coven has many spell writers who would be happy to help as you write your first spell :grinning: :scroll:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


I write spells all the time.
I write my strongest spells when I am deeply involved, or it touches me on a personal level.
Look at the spells on the web and or Spells 8. They can show you how to phrase your spells.
It also is a means of using the old questions. What? Why? Where? When and How.
What do you want to accomplish, and why. When and Where will you set the stage for your spell (day/night. totally formal or simple) Lastly, How shall you do what you intend?
Sound complicated? It can be, or as simple as a prayer.
I’m fond of the Kiss formula, ‘Keep it simple, sweetie.’

If you borrow from another’s spell, always acknowledge the original author as the base for your spell. It’s a good idea to add ‘and it harm none’ at the end (the theory of 3)

O.K. roll up your sleeves, pickup your wand, Witch-ling and cast.
We’re always here for you.
The power is within you, you were born with it.


@Garnet I look forward to your posts, your words are almost as wonderful as you are


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