Seeing visions? or what could this mean?

Hello Everyone, For a few years I have been having this strange experience of having visions when my eyes are closed and I am either lying in bed waiting to fall asleep or sitting on the couch closing my eyes for a nap. So, I realize this is happening and it’s like watching something play out on a movie screen. I’m not asleep and this is no dream. I am completely awake and aware of my surroundings and where I am, etc., just relaxed. I pay attention to what is happening to see if it can relate to something in my life, but I just can’t seem to figure out what they mean. They don’t seem to be predicting anything. I don’t hear anything either, only see people doing things or watch things happen. It’s not clear to me now what I have seen, but just ordinary things. I will try to remember exactly what I see the next time it happens; I’ll write it down right away. I keep thinking it must mean something, some kind of prediction? But I have paid attention when it’s happened in the past, but trying to explain it here, I just can’t seem to remember exactly what it is that I see. Different things though. People, people doing things. Sorry I can’t be more specific right now but it happens to me frequently.


It’s difficult to say without knowing more about them. It might mean something, it might not, but if you able to post more info the people here will almost certainly be abke to point you in the right direction.


Yeah, it’s really so weird. It’s almost like I’m just watching people talk or do things, like I’m spying on them. I’ll see if it happens today and I will post about it here.


Greetings @Aseret!

My first thought was that you might be Lucid Dreaming- a state of dreaming where you maintain your consciousness and have control, so it feels less “dream like” and much more realistic. I’ve found quick naps (as opposed to usual sleep cycle during the night) can lead to much more powerful and vivid dreams.

But if you are sure that you are not asleep, then perhaps you might be Astral Traveling? Your consciousness might be dropping in on other people and places as your body rests.

I agree that keeping a journal logging these experiences is a really great idea :+1: The more experiences you have to look back on, the easier it will be to track down what is happening.

Please keep us updated! Blessed be :sparkles:


Okay, it just. Happened: there was a mannequin head sitting on a table or counter with a scarf wrapped around the bottom ( I have one of these), it sunk into the countertop. This was an instance where I wasn’t watching people, but something that couldn’t actually happen in real life. Things like this happen sometimes too.

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