Selene- My Favourite Goddess

Today I wanted to share some information with you on my favourite Goddess…

Selene Goddess of the moon :full_moon: is a deity in the Greek pantheon. She is a sister of Helios :sunny: (a solar god) and Eos :sunrise_over_mountains:(goddess of the dawn), and daughter to Hyperion and Thea.

She is often linked to Artemis and Hecate, two other Greek moon goddesses, but Selene is different :white_heart: She is considered the moon itself, not a deity who rules over it.

Several lovers :kiss_woman_man: are attributed to her in various myths, including Zeus, Pan, and the mortal Endymion, who she is rumoured to have loved above all others.

She found him to be so beautiful that she asked Endymion’s father, Zeus, :boom: to grant him eternal youth so that he would never leave her. Some believe Selene loved how Endymion looked when he was asleep :zzz: so she asked Zeus to make him remain that way.

In some versions, Zeus wanted to punish Endymion for daring to show romantic :heart: interest in Hera (much like Ixion). Whatever the case, Zeus granted Selene’s wish and put Endymion into an eternal sleep :sleeping:

Every night, Selene visited him where he slept, and by him had fifty daughters :family_woman_girl_girl: who are equated by some scholars with the fifty months of the Olympiad.

When the moon rises in the night sky, it is believed Selene is waving hello :wave: from her silver chariot pulled by two great white horses :racehorse: Because Selene is the moon, her powers and align with lunar magic: healing, intuition, psychic abilities, dreams, emotions, and much more…

I have always been drawn to the moon, and am quite intensely effected by the moon phases :last_quarter_moon_with_face: so ofcourse it was natural for me to gravitate towards Selene as my Goddess. I particularly love the moon over the sea, :ocean: and staring into the patterns the light of the moon makes on the surface of the water. :relieved:

If you wish to worship or work with Selene, she enjoys the following:

*white :white_heart:,
*moon water :rice_scene:
*mirrors :radio_button:
*crescent moons :crescent_moon:
*jasmine flowers :cherry_blossom:
*jasmine scents
*white roses
*rose scents :rose:
*silver coins
*crowns :crown:

As Selene is so powerfully feminine :female_sign: she will be happy to receive anything of a feminine nature! She is particularly drawn to white and silver colours as represented by the moon. Dedicate an area of your altar to her and draw her strength, guidance and wisdom. :princess:

In my Full and New Moon rituals, when I address “Mother” I am speaking to Selene. :full_moon:

Do you have a favourite God/Goddess/Diety? I’d love to hear more about them! How do you worship them?


A shelf on my altar for Selene…

Right to left close up…


Great information!! Thanks for sharing @Abs53 Abs!!!

Your altar is looking wonderful! :full_moon: :sparkles:

Adding some picture of Selene for insipration:

Selene_and_Endymion (1)
Selene and Endymion via Wikipedia

Selene Goddess (1)

Selene via rfgoddesses


Thanks @Francisco! I love the second one :heart_eyes: am going to try and find something similar for my bedroom! :heart:


Selene is a beautiful Goddess, and I am grateful for the lovely introduction to her! :full_moon::sparkles:

This is really nice- it makes me feel like she is a friendly and welcoming deity :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: And she likes jasmine too!!! I love jasmine- I wear it as one of my favorite perfumes :white_flower::two_hearts:

Thank you so much for sharing your Goddess, @Abs53! I really enjoyed learning about Selene :full_moon::sparkling_heart:


I don’t personally work with the Greek pantheon, but I always find their stories so fascinating :crescent_moon: thank you for sharing!

Most know that I honor Brighid regularly - an Irish Goddess with many aspects. She is extremely important to me and lives in my daily life :fire:


Thanks for the link, that was lovely to read through.

My paternal side are all Irish, from Killkenny :green_heart:


@Francisco ! @BryWisteria!

My new journal arrived today and its lovely! The quality is fab! :sparkles: Can’t wait to start using it :heart_eyes:


Nice!! It would make a wonderful dream journal!


I love it! :blush: :full_moon:
I’ve been reading about Selene too and listening to the devotional on this site with a white candle and a set of very special items that have found their way to me and feel very much connected to her… a silver coin with very striking trinity sigil on it, a white crystal that I’ve identified as milky quartz from far north where the sun sets for half a year, and a moon goddess pony figurine with wings on her back named Luna :smile_cat:

I can feel her calling to me and I want to answer :crescent_moon: :purple_heart:


Excellent!! Definitely sounds like shes calling to you :blush: maybe dedicate an area of your altar to the silver coin, quartz and pony figure in honour of her. Full moon coming up soon too :full_moon: a perfect time to start a new ritual to her :heart: @krista_moon


My thoughts exactly :joy: I’m going to use it as a dream journal and also keep track of my emotions, energy levels, etc around the different phases of the moon :crescent_moon:


The journal is GORGEOUS, @Abs53! :heart_eyes::open_book: And it sounds like you’ve already found a perfect use for it! Enjoy! :sparkles:

Luna sounds beautiful! :blush: It sounds like you already have a lovely collection of special items to make a Selene altar with- uniquely your own! :sparkling_heart:


Thank you for your kind words @BryWisteria! :blush:
This is how my altar looks right now, the empty space is for opening the window all the way and letting the night air in! :purple_heart:


Your altar is coming along beautifully, @CelestiaMoon! :two_hearts: Fresh night air sounds like a great addition to an altar space dedicated to a moon goddess! :full_moon::sparkles:

The wand you have looks gorgeous!!! :heart_eyes: It’s a bit tricky to see in the picture, but does it have a crystal built into the handle? :gem::sparkles:

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It does, and several smaller ones too! :blush: :gem: :sparkles:


I have just learned that Selenite & Selene are connected, I am still learning about different Deities, and I haven’t decided who to address yet. I always feel good when it’s a bright sunny day, and I love the Spring-Summer-Fall. I seem to feel more down when it’s the height of the winter and fall into a funk. I also like to look at the night sky and the moon in its different phases. I think I will research Selene as I keep Selenite all over my bedroom. There are three lovely sized pieces on my altar, one on my jewelry chest beside it, & another one on my nightstand. It seems to make sense that I would have an interest in her and need to do some digging to learn what I can that keeps us connected.

Thank you for the information to start my search. I am learning more each day & enjoying starting my daily practice when I wake up to greet each day.


Ohhhhhh it’s BEAUTIFUL, @CelestiaMoon! :eyes::two_hearts: And I think the silver, blues, and whites are perfect for Selene! :full_moon::sparkles:

It sounds like Selene may be a great goddess for you to connect with- especially if you already feel a connection with the moon and night sky! :milky_way::crescent_moon: Best of luck with your continued research, @Susurrus! :two_hearts:


Aww, thank you @BryWisteria! :blush:
I felt an immediate connection when I saw that wand on Etsy!

This is the shop: FairyMeShop on Etsy
They have so many different ones :blush: I’ve heard things about fairies but these ones were nothing but sweet at least! :smile_cat:

This little crescent moon charm also came with the wand, as another little wonderful “coincidence”! :crescent_moon: (or, maybe, as a gift from Selene herself? :white_heart:)

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So cute, @krista_moon !!! :fairy::crescent_moon: Hahaha that’s a lot of “coincidences”- seems like your altar is coming together as if it was meant to be! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkles:

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