Pledges to Brigid 📚

In the days leading up to Imbolg, I am reminded of a tradition I once read about. Being new to Irish Paganism, I am really striving for authenticity. Brigid holds a special place in my heart and my daily life, so I thought it would be fitting to talk about this tradition. As always, keep in mind that this is not going to work for everyone and will not follow every path.

Who is Brigid?

Brigid is a Goddess that is celebrated and honored at Imbolg. She plays a large role in many faiths and traditions, and mine is just the same. She is a Goddess of the hearth, home, and inspiration. As a Goddess well-connected to fire, She encompasses all things to do with poetry, healing, and smithcraft. However, She is also a protector of women and children and heavily associated with midwifery. You can read more about Her here.

A pledge to Brigid…

I honestly cannot remember where I read - or heard - of this tradition. It could be something that came to me in a dream, for all I know. What I remember, though, is that on Imbolg, it is tradition to go to a Sacred Well and make a pledge to Brigid. This is not like becoming oathbound to a deity, nor is it pledging your life to Them. In this case, it is something you wish to do for the coming year - from Imbolg to Imbolg. It is a pledge you make with Her that She will hold you to.

Imbolg Ritual and My Thoughts

I have never been one to do a full-blown ritual. I have never had the attention span, the memory, nor the space for such a thing. This year, though, I believe that will be changing. I will be making a pledge to Brigid - of what, I’m not sure. I think I will leave that up in the air until Imbolg rolls around. I will let the ritual, meditation, and trancework lead me to where I need to be. I will let Her show me the things I need to see. I will let Her lead me on the path that is best for me.

I plan on lighting my candles and performing meditation. I always like to use Dragon’s Blood incense because it eases my mind into a spiritual headspace. One that allows me to let go of my mundane thoughts and shift to magickal work. Flowers haven’t bloomed in my area yet - it’s still too cold - so those won’t be included on my altar. I plan on doing some meditative drawing - something I have never done before. I find it best to meditate when my hands are busy, though, and this task seems fitting. When the time is right, I will write my pledge to Her on a slip of paper and say it aloud. I will give thanks to Her for Her protection, poetry, and inspiration. I also feel that She is behind a lot of the courage I’ve had since quitting my day job and moving toward freelancing.

She deserves my thanks, appreciation, and reverence - and She will have it.


This is beautiful! :pray:

I want to link this to a printable prayer to Goddess Brigid:


And the full Prayer is here. Written by Megan Black, video made by me.

Happy Imbolc! :sparkles: