Selenite Tower

The Selenite Towers I ordered are finally here. They’re actually Satin Spar but I’ll jump on the wagon of calling both Selenite, I knew what I was ordering. They were dumped on the front step in the rain but luckily the debris in the package is about what you would expect, a few shards and a little dust.

The Artist is supposedly very very good and I was excited to see them in stock and didn’t pay much mind to the picture. The crystals themselves are amazing quality and with the exception of looking like they skipped the final cleanup step they are beautiful.
I did a quick Internet search and found several like it but I’ve never seen one like this.

I’ve only seen ones with neat, defined, separate tiers. This one has staggered or alternating tiers. Is there any difference in like energy flow or something or is it just artist’s choice?

I’ve discovered that some of crystals do not like being photographed, they usually hide and one actually broke shortly after. A small one I couldn’t find before the carpets were ripped up so no more crystal pictures but here is a screenshot of the piece


Selenite is a stone of the moon- perhaps they get their shyness from the moon herself! I (and my camera) both struggle with getting nice shots at night :sweat_smile: :camera_flash:

I’m sorry that one stone broke- are the rest of them okay? The one in the photo is really amazing! :gem: :star_struck:

Enjoy your new treasures, Nixi- may they serve you well!


They are all okay, I’m still hoping to find the tiny mystery stone and my favorite Carnelian is too big to have been caught up in the carpet, it probably in one of the last minute swoop baskets


If they look anything like the screenshot they must be beautiful! Enjoy your crystals!


I’m glad they are all okay! :heart: And I hope you can find the mystery stone and your carnelian- may they find their way back to you quickly :pray: :gem: