Self-Dedication Ritual to Hecate (or any Deity)

Has anyone tailored the self-dedication ritual to Hecate or any other deity(ies) in lieu of the Lord and Lady? I have seen some Hecate specific ones in another forum that said to be skyclad which I don’t feel super comfortable doing and as someone in the broom closet it is difficult for me to figure out how I’m going to do the ritual as outlined here.

I guess for a second point, for those practicing in the broom closet how do you complete rituals which require uninterruption? For me specifically, my issue is my husband is home at night and is a night owl so never sleeps and my toddler wakes randomly because she’s still breastfed so I’ve trying to figure out how I am going to complete this ritual. I would love any advice!


I am not really in the broom closet, but I’m not really out of it either. I have found with my night owl husband and 4 little people that the only time I can be (mostly) uninterrupted is to get up ridiculously early. During the school year, I get up at about 4:30 to have a few minutes to myself before I wake everyone else. I usually just try to keep a similar schedule on weekends and summer… though i changes that alarm til 5! Nobody in my house wants to be up that early!

Also, the bath tub, after children’s bedtimes!
The struggle is real! Good luck!


Oh those are both excellent suggestions! Yes, early morning could definitely work and so could the bathroom possibly. I really appreciate the suggestions!! <3


If you get up early enough, you can still see the moon! Ask me how I know! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Greetings @annakya,

I’m in the school of thought that, unless the spell or ritual specifically says to not alter anything, it is completely fine to tailor spellwork and rituals to suit your needs. Magick is a personal thing, and adapting the spell to best suit your requirements and beliefs can help make it all the more connected to you :woman_mage:

The Self-Dedication Ritual on Spells8 is actually left pretty open- it includes a section on Finding Your Deity and encourages exploring the various pantheons before choosing a patron. The spoken text during the ritual can be easily altered or re-written entirely depending on what calls to you :writing_hand:

One suggestion is to substitute the self-dedication text (or combine it) with Hecate’s Devotional Chant- a text specific to working with Her.


I don’t work with Hecate myself, but I know there are many coven members who do- She is a very popular deity around here! :blush: I know @AileyGrey gave you some great advice, and I am sure others will have additional input for you to consider too :infinite_roots: :two_hearts:

I hope you can find or design the perfect self-dedication ritual! May Hecate watch over and bless your spellwork :sparkles:

Many blessings!


I’ve never tailored a self-dedication ritual to suit something else but it’s entirely possible to do :blush: I like to view the spells and rituals on Spells8 as frameworks to adjust to my own needs. And if you’re not comfortable practicing skyclad then definitely don’t! As far as I’m aware that’s not something that Hekate requires.

As far as not being interrupted, I don’t really have any advice there that others haven’t already said :sweat_smile:


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