Self Love Meditation

I didn’t think this was going to be able to be posted…

I did the voice over, edited it, created the image, uploaded to YouTube and then I got an email stating it went against their community standards and was removed… LOL!!

I am assuming from the title “self love”.

I had to appeal it!

Anyway…I won…so here it is!! :grimacing:

A perfect time of year to set aside some space for some self love.
Get comfy and have a listen.


Oh goodness- YouTube can be ridiculous with what they choose to censor sometimes. I’m glad you decided to fight it- this meditation is a treasure worth sharing! :heart_eyes: More resources for self love are always welcome. Thanks so much for sharing, @Silverbear :heart:


@SilverBear thank you once again for a great meditation.
Blessed Be


Bless your heart… so glad you persevered and got this through the censors. CRAZY… very soothing… I need soothing…

** I am worthy and I am enough and I want to use one of the pillows to smack the YouTube censors… that would make me very happy and at peace…**


HAHA…I was so shocked when I got the email…and my husband said, they think it’s porn because of the title… LOL!! I was like, “COME ON!!!” HAHA…clearly they did only base it on the title because had someone actually listened to it, that would not of happened.