Setting up my first alter

so i’ve finally gathered everything that i felt i needed for my first alter set up! i’m going to arrange it all very soon, but i was wondering if there’s anything i ought to do to sort of… imitate it, i guess? i’ve written my own christian creed (i can share if anyone would like!) as i’m a christian witch and i intend to say it as i light my three wick (trinity) candle and such. i also plan to do a protection spell. should i cleanse the space before i set it up? how do i do that? how do i do any of this?!

tldr; are there any steps or guidelines to setting up an alter for the first time? any must dos? idk, i’m probably worrying more than i should, but any guidance is appreciated!


Setting up an altar for the first time is exciting! :clap: There’s no “right way” to set up an altar unless you’re following a specific tradition with specific rules. Since you’re practicing as a Christian witch, the sky’s the limit! Feel free to include whatever you want or need on your altar. This can be a bowl of water as an offering, some candles, incense, images or representations of divinity, etc.

This is a personal preference, honestly. Sometimes I cleanse the space before setting up (or refreshing) my altar. Sometimes I don’t :person_shrugging: I go with what my intuition is telling me at the time. Sometimes the energy is fine and doesn’t need cleansing. Sometimes it does.

Cleansing a space is super easy! You can use smoke, sound, energy, or any other number of methods. I’ve got some resources for you here.

We also have a course here on Spells8 that helps with altar setup. It is based on Wicca, but you can always adjust it to suit your needs!

Oh! And I almost forgot! Check out our altars tag and the All Altars! Feel Free to Share Yours with the Coven! :infinite_roots: post if you’re looking for inspiration!


Hi @SusannahsDaughter,

Megan shared some wonderful advice and altar resources for you, so I just wanted to chime in and say congrats on your first altar! :heart:

I think it’s pretty rare that someone’s altar begins in it’s “final form”, so to say- it’s natural that your sacred space will develop and change along with you. As you learn and grow, so too will your altar!

What I’m try to say is don’t stress too much over the details- feel free to get started with whatever feels right right now, but know that it doesn’t have to be “perfect”- it’s perfect simply for being there for you when you need it :blush:

Congrats again and enjoy your new altar space! Blessed be :sparkles:


I would love to have a peek! I’m also a Christian Witch…but the Christian part is still all confusing to me as I’m unlearning all the lies I was brainwashed in being raised in an IFB church.

I love this!


this is so helpful! thank you so much


thank you :face_holding_back_tears: this is so reassuring and helpful.


yes! it’s a bit rough to unlearn and deconstruct religious trauma and the lies some parts of organized christianity tells us. i’ve recently started going to a united methodist church that has an emphasis on being open, welcoming, and anti oppression and it’s been delightful! my creed is as follows

I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Father, and the Son. The holy Church, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, the endless light of His love, the life everlasting. He is alive in all things, He is the grass and the trees. He lives in my alter and he lives in my heart. Amen.

i hope this helps!


@chelsie3 Sorry to be a ditz, what’s IFB church? :person_shrugging:.
@SusannahsDaughter Sounds exciting your first altar, and what a beautiful creed! What a difference this would make if all church’s embraced this. My altar (which is to Loki), is full of stuff. I have the candles, my incense burns out of a beer bottle (he is Norse afterall :joy:), and it’s full of toys, sweets, a little cup and bowl for his coffee and snack etc. I take things off and add things as I find stuff and get a “feeling” (basically him saying, yes please!) to add it. It’s ontop of my bookshelf, nothing fancy. It’s your altar, and God will love it. :sparkling_heart:


You’re so very welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs:


@SusannahsDaughter That’s lovely! Thank you for sharing!

Independent Fundamental Baptist. It’s a strict offshoot of Baptist. Many IFB churches don’t even associate with eachother because each one basically thinks the rest are too liberal. :roll_eyes:


@chelsie3 Oh wow. That sounds major. :joy:


You’re welcome! :heart: :hugs:


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