Shadow Exercise

This may be difficult for some to do. Shadow work is hard. It’s ugly. But it’s a necessary part of mental and spiritual growth.


@SilverBear, thank you. :pray:t4: This was a clear explanation about shadow work (which is part of the laws of Karma, too) and why it is important. The simple exercise presented in the video was beneficial to helping my friends understand the concept. :slightly_smiling_face: I shared it on my personal Facebook this afternoon after watching it.


I’m going to do this, seems fitting right now. Thank you.


If anyone is interested, here are some crystals for shadow work:
Amazonite- patience, compassion, self love.
Black Moonstone- rebirth, transformation.
Citrine- change, guidance, illumination.
Emerald- birth new ideas.
Tiger’s Eye- inner strength.
Labradorite- merge from the realm of shadow, personal empowerment.
Lapis Lazuli- Great clarity, personal growth, connections to other realms, wear/use when ready to heal your wounds and rise from the shadow realm.
Chrysanthemum- bloom and grow where you’re planted, release burdens from past traumas.
Black Onyx- Feeling safe, grounded, stability.
Black Obsidian- Assists in finding your deeper meaning, unlock symbols and sights presented by the shadow, takes you back into light.
Bloodstone- facilitates change
Rose Quartz- gratitude, soothes you during rough and overwhelming times, reminds you to love all parts of yourself!..that’s a good one!

Thank you @SilverBear for this strengthening exercise! I was scared when I Bagan shadow word but I felt so much better afterwards. Like a great big sigh of relief.


Thank you @christina4 for the list! That is a great help. I hope it is OK - I added it to my BOM to help with my exploration of shadow work. I will say that this is a healthy exploration and I wish more people would do this kind of self exploration. I am so grateful to @SilverBear for her beautiful YOUTUBE presentations.

It can be dangerous for some people to do deep dives without support and guidance. It is a journey - curiosity, discovery, acceptance, forgiveness, remediation, transition, metamorphosis… getting stuck in the the path in “acceptance” and not moving into “forgiveness” can create loops of despair, depression and self-loathing which is NOT productive. That’s why this Forum is so vital… A vehicle for normalization of experience helps.

Let CHANGE be your hope and companion through the process. I’ll shut up now…


Of course you can! That’s why I put the list up…for everyone to use.


This is a great and reassuring welcome into shadow work. It’s definitely a tough aspect of magick- addressing your fears and shadows head-on can be very intimidating.

But your soothing voice and constant reassurance make this tricky but very beneficial type of magick so much more approachable- thanks so much for sharing, @SilverBear! :sparkling_heart:


I think later on today I am going to do this. I’m feeling good and I feel like it’s time for me to do some more shadow work. Plus it falls right in line with the weekly challenge for this week.

Thank you @SilverBear


I just went through the video and made my list of the person. As I watched the rest of the video, I found that I have a question. Since I have been doing some shadow work this past week, could that be why I had such an intense reaction to someone close to me. It was a reaction that was definitely extreme and shouldn’t have happened, but it was like I wasn’t in control at that moment. It literally came about and suddenly I was the person that I don’t want to be. I was able to recognize it with cues from the other person and myself and immediately got quiet and caught my breath & had a few moments to collect myself. Then me and the other person talked about what I had happened. I told them that it was something we would work on and get it fixed. Even if we had to involve my counselor. We would work on it and get it fixed because that is not a way that I want to respond to someone I love, or anyone really. I scared the other person it was so intense.

I’m bringing up the situation in counseling this week. I haven’t lost my mind like that in a very long time. I feel like what was happening also didn’t warrant that type of reaction. It was like suppressed reactions all came out at once… So I was just wondering if doing the Shadow Work all week could have brought those feelings to the surface and they were just waiting for their chance to rear their ugly head again?


It certainly sounds like that. Usually what we see in others that we don’t like or irritate us is something deep within us that we deem ugly and typically push aside - hence shadow self. Shadow self is something most of us don’t want to deal with. Shadow work can surface old repressed feelings. It’s good you are speaking with a trained professional. Shadow work can be rough, tough and ugly at times.


After I did the exercise it made more sense why that happened the way it did. I told the person we will work on it & fix it & they said they would join me in counseling appointment this week if deemed to be beneficial. Thank so much for the video & exercise. I was at a loss as to why I would do that almost out of nowhere. I love your videos & exercises.


Thank you! I hope your session will be helpful!


Thanks for this, I’ve used it as part of the weekly challenge. Tough one to tackle…