Shadowscapes Tarot 🧚 Walkthrough

Just wanted to share my most recent video with you all :heart:

The Shadowscapes Tarot deck is one full of fantasy, whimsy, and ethereal vibes. Created by Stephanie Law in 2009, the Shadowscapes tarot deck depicts all manner of fantasy creatures from fairies, elves, and even the occasional dragon.

As one of my favorite decks (honestly, I say that a lot), the Shadowscapes deck has a well-deserved place in my practice. I hope you enjoy this short little flip through of the deck and don’t forget to check out the artist!

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law:
Shadowscapes Tarot*:
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Watching it now. Beautiful deck :slight_smile:


I love the Shadowscapes deck- it was one of the first non-Rider Waite decks I saw way back when I was first looking into tarot. I remember I bought one off Amazon, but the seller only shipped the guidebook and I never got the cards themselves :sweat_smile:

I remember flipping through the guidebook and loving the art- you described it really well, Megan- so whimsical, wonderful and ethereal~ :sparkles:

Thanks so much for sharing! Maybe someday I’ll actually manage to get my hands on this gorgeous deck :two_hearts:


It’s definitely one of my favorites. I think it was also my first non-RWS deck that I got, only the second in total.

@TheTravelWitch That’s horrible that you only ever got the guidebook! One day I hope to have a print by the artist. She does amazing work and I’ve started following her on Instagram :laughing: Hopefully you get a chance to get it. If I remember right, I got mine from a Barnes and Noble several years ago.


Amazon is usually pretty good about sending the right thing, but it was third-party seller who didn’t turn out to be the best :sweat_smile: Oh well! I ended up getting the Ostara tarot as my first deck, which also has some lovely art :art::sparkles:

Ohhhh a print by the artist would be amazing, @MeganB! :heart_eyes: Do you think you’d get one of the tarot card designs, or something different? Her art is really gorgeous- I’m sure anything you get will be lovely :blush:


Ahh yeah, third party sellers are not always fun – but I’m glad you got one that you enjoy! If I were to ever get a print by the artist, I think I would want either Temperance or Death. Those are my two favorite cards in that deck and I love what they both stand for.

I mean, the Death card itself is just absolutely beautiful!

Death Card - Shadowscapes Tarot


It really is a stunning piece of art! :heart_eyes: I know in your video you explored all the symbolism of this card and how the phoenix rising again from the flames- I agree that this is a better visual for the meaning of Death than what many other decks present! :fire:

I hope you’ll be able to get a print of this piece someday- I’m sure it would make a lovely home decoration or a beautiful addition to an altar! :sparkles: