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In my introduction I spoke about running an animal shelter. So I of course really enjoyed learning about the goddess Lyssa.
Goddess of rabies and rage. As an animal shelter director this just fed into my obsession with zoonotic desises.
Anyway. I’ve been looking for ways to gain donations as well as spread healing and positive energy. So I started allowing people to submit a donation to the shelter for mojo bag or witches ball. No funds go to me of course but I could not let anyone know it was me making the products. So here is the card that comes with them. I’m just posting for all to enjoy, not to solicit donations or money of any kind. ! I hope you all enjoy the image as much as I do!


What a good idea! I’d love to see a picture of how those look, especially the witches balls as they can be really useful for decoration year round! :confetti_ball:

Also, feel free to add a link to the animal shelter if there’s a website!

The goddess Lyssa is super interesting, I think she represents really well the connection between psychical manifestations and mythology.


They look a bit like this. This one is not quite a ball but something new I’m trying.
Pardon the messy look, as I said something new. :slight_smile:


It looks very enchanting!! Beautiful! :dizzy: What’s in it? :thinking:

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How do we donate? that is so petty

It turned into something else entirely…


Wow! That really developed!! :open_mouth:

Amazing work! Where did you find those marbles?

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Random bead collections I’ve gotten over the years. I love lava beads. So useful.


These are beautiful, @sarah9! :heart_eyes: And ohhhh lava beads!!! :volcano: I love lava beads- they have such a unique look and feel to them- and because they are porous, they are great to dab a bit of essential oil on. They’ll carry the scent all day! :blush: :two_hearts:

Thank you for sharing! :heart: