Sharing Spellwork

I have heard both sides – both yes and no – and I honestly don’t feel like it’s bad to share spellwork.

If I have an active spell going, I may only share it with a few people until it’s finished. I only do this because I have an online presence and I don’t want unsavory people to know what I’m doing. So, if I were casting a protection spell, I wouldn’t say anything about it online until it was done so that anyone seeking to work against me couldn’t. I’m not saying this would happen, it’s just an anxiety thing for me.

I also don’t share all of the ingredients I use in all of my spells. This is for the same reason as above, but also because I use a lot of region-specific ingredients. I want to encourage others to explore what they have available to them rather than bulk-buying herbs or ingredients and having them shipped across the world. Again, personal preference.

The idea of “To Be Silent” comes from The Witch’s Pyramid. I believe this was originally to keep people from parading around and telling everyone about witchcraft back when it was illegal in most countries. Now, I think it has become a part of secrecy for the sake of tradition and mystery.

I say do what you feel is right. I don’t think you’re going to mess anything up by sharing your spellwork with people. There are a whole bunch of us who do it on YouTube and we’re all just fine. :heart: