Shooting star

I absolutely love the night sky. :stars: :new_moon_with_face:

I realized I don’t know message behind the shooting stars. I mean I know meteor showers are a manifestation tool.

Can anyone give me their point of view about shooting stars on random nights.


@lerena I also love the night and the sky and stars. I wished I knew what a shooting star might but I’ve always been told if you see a shooting star to make a wish and which every time I see a shooting star I always make a wish and most of the time it comes true.


@Cobragirl0104 I absolutely will make a quick wish upon a shooting a star.

Just would like to learn a bit more about them


I was curious if there was more to it than just making a wish, so I did a quick google search!

A shooting star remains a symbol of reassurance, hope, and good fortune. Seeing one is said to ease your worries and help you find the courage you need either to face a loss, start something new or receive blessings. ~Dani Rhys, Symbolism of Shooting Stars

I also found this which I find interesting at this time of the year when the veil is thinner.

As the belief of Greeks, it is still believed that shooting stars are a signal from our deceased souls. ~ Susan Brunton, Spiritual Meaning of Shooting Stars

That was fun, I learned something new today!

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always


@marsha Thank you so much

I absolutely strive to learn something new every day. so we both achieved that goal today.

with love


Very cool!


@lerena Yes, a shooting star is something everyone wishes upon and corresponds with luck, fresh beginning, and eye openings (seeing messages from the dead).

FUN FACT: Shooting stars are actually in fact not stars at all, but a meteor that has come into our atmosphere on it’s own and not with a group in a ‘shower’, so you can relate your correspondences to seeing one very similarly to a meteor shower:

What is a shooting star?
“Shooting stars look like stars that quickly shoot across the sky, but they are not stars. A shooting star is really a small piece of rock or dust that hits Earth’s atmosphere from space. It moves so fast that it heats up and glows as it moves through the atmosphere. Shooting stars are actually what astronomers call meteors. Most meteors burn up in the atmosphere before they reach the ground. However, once in a while a meteor is large enough than some of it survives and reaches Earth’s surface. Then it is called a meteorite.”


Thank you for sharing! This is interesting. Maybe i should sing :musical_note: “When i wish upon a meteor” :musical_note: instead of ‘star’ :blush:


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