Should i use black salt at my front door?

Hi everyone,
So as a lot of you know i have a Samhain gathering tomorrow with many different types of witches i never met before. Although i am over the moon excited, i cannot shake the feeling of ‘What if i pick up some bad energy?’ This is not to say i think anyone else will have negative energy, but its just the same as when i go out say to the gym for example, i sometimes feel i have picked up some unwanted energy which leaves me so out of energy like today i could almost relapse into my deep depression state of mind from the mental and physical exhaustion.
So, to prevent this, do you think i should use black salt at my doorway? I have researched other banishing bad energy spells such one i admire in a spell book, but with so much to do and prepare before i go tomorrow i don’t have the time to source any of the more hard to find items… Also what do you think about me making a salt spell psychic boundary line / circle. It requires to grind 3 garlic cloves, fresh rosemary and sea salt and sprinkle it around myself in a circle or in a line at my sacred space (home or room)… I have these ingredients to make either however i am more worried about bringing negative energy in the home to my family rather than myself.
So should i:
(A)- Make black salt as a precaution before i go out to protect my home
(B)- Make and use the salt spell psychic boundary circle before hand so i don’t pick up any negative energies,
or both?
If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know :blush:


You don’t even have to use black salt. Just use regular salt. Then you don’t have to worry about making it beforehand :woman_shrugging:


LOL so a word to the wise from someone less wise :roll_eyes:-- I did this last month and I found I was tracking the it back into the apartment and onto my carpeting… sigh…so, if you do it maybe put it somewhere where you won’t step in it.

BTW, because I don’t have a fireplace, grill, etc. I used activated charcoal to make mine. It is made from burnt coconut shells and I got it on Amazon. It’s a very fine and very messy powder (it has other applications, so I am glad I got it). I added washed egg shells I ground myself (“cascarilla”) and a few different kinds of salt. Easy peasy. But messy-wessy.

Yes, good ol’ plain salt would serve just as well, I think.


:joy: :rofl: Thanks for the laugh, @mary25! I needed that! :heart:


Place the salt along the top of the doorframe. You can then use some masking tape to hold it in place.

I should mention you can make salt tubes from thin or scrap fabric. these tubes are made to hold salt or black salt to be pinned to the top of the doorframe or windowsill. the tube should be made no more than one inch and the length of the doorframe. I’ll post a how to in a day or two if you’d like.


If it is causing you to be stressed, I’d say it definitely worth laying a protective barrier down :+1: That way, whether or not you carry back negative energy, you’ll have peace of mind knowing the barrier is in place :shield:

Since time and resources is a concern, I second what Megan said about using regular salt. Although herbs and magick workings give it an extra boost, salt is a potent protective force all on its own!


I laugh because I love the way you worded it and also for how true it is- I think anyone who has dabbled in charcoal before knows what a nightmare it can be. It is always mind boggling for me to see just how quickly soot can spread- one minute everything is clean, and the next there is black everywhere :woman_facepalming: :laughing:

Goodness that is brilliant- what a great idea to hold the salt line in place, Charlaine!


Yes that is a great idea! :blush: Unfortunately due to conflicting interest within the family cough husband cough I was unable to go in the end in fear of loosing my whole “peaceful” family setting… Husband has turned around and took me on a shopping spree and we are taking the kids to the movies, and although i am grateful it feels more like bribing in some way or another :woman_shrugging: . Anyways tomato-tomahtoe i guess :woman_facepalming: :laughing: :woman_shrugging:


Oh yes i did try the black salt only in the door way of my witchy room and around myself and chair where i sit and do almost all my witchy things and i can tell you i am still mopping up the tracks from my kids invading my space and from the wheels on the chair lol :woman_facepalming: :laughing: Also i did end up doing the other spell however everywhere smells like garlic and very strong, so to avoid that smell going everywhere in my doorway, i covered the galic/salt/rosemary mix with glad wrap and tape :woman_facepalming: :laughing: At least it didn’t move lol


Wow nice idea… Yes lesson learnt lol


Yes silly me decided to do the black salt before coming and checking my post and boom, black soot everywhere and still cleaning the track from my chair even after wiping and mopping everywhere :laughing: :woman_facepalming:


Oh noooo! Haha I feel you with the black soot- I think it happens to all of us at some point :laughing:

I’m so sorry to hear you weren’t able to go- I know you were really excited about the gathering :cry:

But I suppose on the bright side you now know of the group- perhaps there will be another celebration or get-together for future Sabbats. Perhaps things will align for you another time! :pray::heart:


Yes i was so over the moon and i brought all the items like the lantern, candles, drink and cake to share even recyclable cups, however i had a tough decision to make: should i go risking tipping the balance in the house and breaking into a big argument which could lead to more severe consequences, or should i just swallow my pride and freedom for the sake of my relationship and kids as well… Well as it shows i chose the other option. I think although i feel bummed i couldn’t meet new witches, the main thing that hurt was that i felt like i lost in the battle to stand for my own rights and freedom, so hence i was left feeling i was shackled from both wrists which even today i am still a lot quieter than usual and i can feel the awkwardness between me and my husband even though he is ‘trying’ to fix things by spending time with me and the kids which he usually never does…
I guess its a very complicated situation and to make matters worse, i keep getting complaints from my husband that my witch practice will bring bad fortune to my family both health wise and money too. I find this ridiculous and there’s no was i would give it up and deep down i can see my husband sees it too… I am sure he would rather “put up” with me than have me end things…
Anyways sorry for the ramble but sometimes i feel i just need to empty what was on my chest as i feel i am so bottled u inside i could burst and that’s the last thing i want is to either disrupt and potentially end my family life as it is now, or to turn back to the dark depressive state i was in before i found my witchy path…


Bottling things up inside until they explode is never a good nor healthy way to deal with things. I’m the same way- taking the time to put feelings into words takes a huge weight off the shoulders, it really is a healthy method to organize thoughts in order to deal with them in better ways :blush::+1:

I hope you’re able to work your emotions out and find your happy equilibrium, Khadija! And I hope things align that you are able to pursue your passions next time :pray::heart:


Yes i have also started an additional journal and write in it when i need to express my feelings the most. In addition to my expanding grimiore, book of shadows and book of mirrors, i am thinking of starting a tarot log book noting each day what cards i get and the outcome… I tend to find it hard to remember what cards i had drawn so during the day when i am out i am left trying to remember all of them and the ones i do remember, trying to understand their meaning. I thought maybe breaking the cards into a feel meaningful words associated with the cards will give me more to think about and understand instead of trying to remember all that was said in each card :blush:


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