Should shifting (not M-shifting Reality-shifting) be a means of divine communication?

I was wondering because I’m learning to reality-shift.



I don’t have an answer but I am wondering what is M-shifting and reality-shifting are?


Hi Laurel!

I have heard the term “M-shifting” as mental/mindspace shifting before, but apologies, I don’t have much experience with it. Is there a particular book or tradition of shifting you are working with? I’d love to hear more about it!

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Hedge witches deal with the Underworld and/or the Otherworld. Is that what you mean?


I believe this is the concept that draws inspiration from multiverse theory, which posits that each decision or action we undertake propels us into an entirely distinct reality.

In this, it’s believed that every conceivable choice or action generates a unique parallel universe. This concept prompts us to ponder the profound implications it holds for our understanding of free will, destiny, and the infinite possibilities that exist within the fabric of existence.

By reality-shifting, people claim to be able to transfer their consciousness from the current reality (CR) to a personally desired reality (DR). They often use it as a lens through which to explore the intricacies of choice, consequence, and the vast realities that could unfold from each of our decisions.

However, it’s worth noting that, at the conclusion of this practice, individuals always return to their current reality. This observation leads me to understand why @laurel1 is considering that it could serve as a potential avenue for divine communication.

It’s a little controversial right now because some individuals might utilise it as a means to mentally evade their present reality, potentially leading to a greater degree of avoidance in their lives. Such avoidance could inadvertently result in the neglect of pressing needs and responsibilities.


I think this is different from hedgeriding or astral travel. I’ve travelled with Loki a couple times, using my obsidian crystal, but I’ve been awake, and aware, sort of, of my physical surroundings. It’s the same place, over stormy seas, or on a dark stormy mountain, same hooded dark figure too, so I’m not really in another of my world’s, I’m most definitely in his. :person_shrugging::thinking::heartpulse:


I feel that by increasing the frequency of our vibrations, either through meditation or some other means we can go or “Be” anything or anywhere we want. But to make that manifest physically we would have to keep that focus. We would have to work on that for a Loooonnngg time.

In order for us to fulfill our contract, the one we signed before leaving the comfort of that amniotic sac, we kind of need to figure out this existence before traveling to the next. Maybe not, every ones path differs.

I have found that thinking is the best way to travel :people_hugging:



Reality shifting is the shifting of realities to a “DR” or desired reality from the “CR” or current reality.


I see! That makes sense- so it’s a form of leaping mentally from one plane of existence into another, but in a system where there exists multiple versions of the Self. (Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!)

I can see how shifting ties into magickal practice! After all, magick is about manifesting intention- it is being the catalyst that brings about change.

It sounds like shifting could another option for one to use in place of (or perhaps in tandem with) a spell or ritual- to alter the current situation and bring about a new situation.

Very interesting to learn about- thank you for sharing about it, Laurel!


This is really interesting! I guess I’ve never really thought about this before! I dont think I have the mental capactiy to achieve any reality shifting right now! Definitely something you’d have to work at!! Thanks for sharing your understanding!


So, from what I understand about reality shifting, it can go a few different directions. I don’t know if I personally believe that shifting to an alternate reality is possible…but I also believe that it’s possible to move your spirit from this plane of existence to another in a process called spirit flight.

Honestly, the way I have seen reality shifting explained or talked about is in the context of escapism. I think that’s why it’s difficult for me to see it as anything other than maladaptive daydreaming. People have claimed to shift to realities where they are the center of attention, where they are in romantic relationships with fictional characters, or something similar.

Even this Wikihow article that explains how to shift realities is full of TikTok-inspired information from techniques, inspiration, and scripting of your reality. It includes techniques such as the Heartbeat Method, where you lay down while listening to a heartbeat, imagining that you’re falling asleep on the chest of someone you’re dating in your “desired reality”, and then you’ll wake up in your desired reality actually there. There’s even an image of what appears to be Hogwarts under the section of “Enjoy Your Visit To Your DR”.

Shift Reality: Powerful Ways to Access Your Desired Reality

However, I recognize my own bias here and a sort of hypocrisy if I believe spirit flight is possible but not reality shifting. Who am I to say that reality shifting is wrong or not possible? I definitely don’t understand the physics behind it, as some people have tried to explain (whether accurately or not, I won’t ever know), and I’m not an expert. What I do know is that it’s been used, or at least popularized by the use, to escape reality and live a life entirely scripted by the shifter.

I think, in the right context, the techniques for reality shifting could be useful for meditation or spirit flight. They may even be useful for calling upon spirits and deities for trancework, inviting them in so conversations could be had. The difference would be that in trancework or spirit flight, the witch is not in total control. The entire experience isn’t scripted, and the other spirits that the witch encounters have full autonomy.

I can imagine that doing something such as the Raven Method - laying down like a starfish on the bed, no body parts touching, counting to 100, and reciting your affirmations - could be beneficial for inducing a trance state. Affirmations and statements of intention could be used to call on a deity or ancestor, or even for divination in dreams.

Overall, I think the techniques would be useful for a witch’s practice, but the idea of shifting to another reality where everything has been decided by the witch is not.


This is my concern as well. Even if it’s 100% possible, there are two things the guides seem to agree on:

  • you have to come back at the end, and
  • it’s a trip to your desired reality.

So if everything is going exactly how you want in this reality and it’s not some monkey paw scenario, it’s going to be hard to learn anything from it to help us in this reality.

I’m not sure I can really argue it just makes us feel better, because the act of returning and then going throughout our day in the current reality seems like it could become disappointing. Or, perhaps, we start living for those temporary returns to the desired reality. (Don’t Worry, Darling comes to mind. So does Cypher wanting to get plugged back into the Matrix in The Matrix.)

They key part of the maladaptive daydreaming page for me is the “excessive amount of time” it refers to. I make up stories in my head about how life would be different if this or that every so often for fun, like when I’m showering or trying to sleep. I’d hope I don’t get to the point where I start seeking it out, whether I’m able to actually experience those realities temporarily or not.

Which brings up the point that there’s some great content on TikTok, and there’s also a lot of terrible content on TikTok. I mean, websites in general can be split up like that, but most don’t do such a quick job of spreading information like TikTok does.

By comparison, for example, Facebook is always years behind trends, Instagram is mostly a marketing platform, and Twitter/X has recently become too much of a mess. Look at how many of us here have quit conventional social media because they’re such exhausting places to be.

My conclusion regarding reality shifting so far is the same as yours. I think there’s some potential use in it, especially for shadow work. But yeah… Might need to filter out all the hype versions and simplify it to something that can benefit the user in this reality.

I suppose this was the original question anyway. So it’ll be interesting to hear what @laurel1 achieves with it in that regard. :black_heart:


Is it so different than building an “inner temple?” :sweat_smile: :pray:



Maybe not so different!

I imagine an inner temple as a spiritual refuge, though. As in, the point is more along the lines of creating a space we like in order to further our spiritual development. Whereas this (or the popular TikTok version at least) prioritises the desired space and/or outcome and doesn’t necessarily encourage that growth.

But then, if I were to spend most of my day in my inner temple, I can see how it could become a problem, too. The physical body in this realm needs care, too. So, yeah, potentially not so different after all.

Also, I know, perhaps it sounds absurd for me to go so far as to assume one might neglect the physical realm through escapism. But I do consider it a lot because I went through that myself. I neglected my body to escape my life and delve into the digital realm instead for years. :sweat_smile:

Coding and games helped keep my mind off everything horrible I went through. But at some point in my life, I had to face all those things and deal with them. I was just delaying the inevitable. I mean, if I ever wanted to stop feeling the pain from the past. So perhaps I fear potential escapism more than others.

Funny… I thought I prioritised the mind so far over the body. But ever since @CelestiaMoon mentioned her focus on her body, I’ve been noticing how much I value it as much as the mind. It’s just that I’ve gotten this far without being conscious of it.



We all find times we need to escape our current reality. Through drugs, alcohol, work or even witchcraft. All of these and more can become an means of escape. When I was young I felt I could circumvent reality by working myself to death to escape a reality I really didn’t want. It drove me nearly mad and my only coping mechanism I knew was to live in rage. NOT a healthy way to live. If I had known meditation and the Craft, I’m sure it would have been VERY different.

The inner temple for me is just a place I imagine just the other side of the hedge to facilitate my travels without having to go through all the ritual. As well as a safe house from CR and a place to contemplate the wonders of life in peace.

My Love to all of you and I hope we all find our ways home in Love and Light :wunjo: :goat:


@Shadeweaver Nicely said. I’ve found my “inner temple”, has been enhanced greatly since I embraced chaos, funnily just living each moment, as it is, with whatever happens, is ironically peaceful. I didn’t realise, till the other day, that my mother, who’s not a witch, has lived in chaos her whole life, when she said, “Tracy, I don’t live in the past or for the future, today will do just fine dear” :grin: She’s one of the most contented people I know, no matter whats thrown at her.
We all create our safe havens in our own ways. Perhaps one day, they’ll teach “the craft” in schools as part of “mindfulness”, then more people would be content and at peace. Here’s hoping :sparkling_heart:


This is how I feel, too. The difference between creating an Inner Temple and Reality Shifting is that the Inner Temple is generally within our control, but not scripted in the way Reality Shifting is. There may be potential for growth with Reality Shifting if you script certain scenarios to see how they might play out. However, that’s not how I see people Shifting.

This is also a valid concern. It reminds me of the movie Inception (spoiler alerts for anyone that hasn’t seen the movie, and a slight mention of suicide) when the main character is detailing his experience living in a dream world with his wife. They end up spending their entire lives in a dream world, living and growing old together, having children, etc. His wife gets so confused when they wake back up in reality that she ends up jumping from a building so she can “wake up” and go back to their life together in the dream world that she thought was real..

If we are constantly waiting to go back to the desired reality while living in actual reality, then we’re not really living at all. That’s definitely an unhealthy way to deal with life, in my opinion!


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