Shower or Bath?

Morning sweet loves :two_hearts: I have a question. I am trying to make sure that I respect all steps when practicing rituals. I know it is recommended to take a bath for cleansing beforehand but here is my problem. I recently came down with planter fasciitis in my left foot. Very painful but I have experienced it years ago and it went away. Anyway it is hard to get in one out of a bathtub right now. Will it be disrespectful if I don’t take a bath and attempt a ritual?


I do not bathe before a ritual, not sure if that’s a Wicca thing or what since I am a green witch I don’t have many formal rituals but that’s just me…. I do cleanse my space and I am part of that prior to casting anything. Also the act of drawing a circle with or without salt will assist with the purification. @Lavendergirll maybe others have a better answer for you. Not sure what type of witch you are though….


I don’t have a bathtub (full-time RVer), so I can only shower. But I only shower for particular rituals (such as initiation rites or Sabbat rituals). Most of the work I do is not formal/ritual. Like @jan_TheGreenWitch, I cleanse my space before starting. I personally don’t feel it is disrespectful not to bathe beforehand. The deities/spirits you are working with understand your intention.

Alternatively, you could smoke cleanse your aura as you cleanse your space (I’m going to note that I do not call it smudging nor use white sage as I am not Indigenous American. I use mugwort or rosemary; you could also use cedar but my hubby is allergic ). I do this frequently if I feel I’ve attracted energy I don’t want. Sound also works well; I’ve used bells and music to do the same as smoke cleansing.


@jan_TheGreenWitch and @Amaris_Bane share my view as well. I don’t generally cleanse myself between fully before a ritual or spell unless I really need to. As Amaris said, I only do this for large rituals or celebrations where a ritual cleanse feels…important? I think that’s the right word here.

There are also many other forms of bathing to think about. Bath in smoke! Wash yourself with sound! Or if you can stand it and still want to use water, take a shower!

I have a video on my YouTube channel about ritual bath alternatives and smoke-free cleansing methods. Let me grab the links for you!


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