Shuffling Tarot Cards

I don’t believe in coincidences, so as I was shuffling my deck to draw my daily card, one card fell out and landed face up, I took this as a sign and researched through my guide book to find said meaning of the card. The card that popped out was the Queen of Cups, which means “Loving, Maternal and intuitive.” I don’t believe this card was specifically about me, but about a female figure whom is in my life(my significant other). So to get to the point, do any of you other Tarot readers have instances where a card will just jump out at you unintentionally, and if so what does it mean to you?


Personally, I always read cards that fall out of the deck when shuffling, it’s usually a message that I need to hear.

If it feels like the card falls out for a reason, I will usually include them in the reading, or set them apart and read them separately. I like the idea that they’re trying to get my attention, so they can work as a card that is complementary to the main reading.

Having said that, sometimes I am just clumsy when shuffling and drop 10 cards, I don’t count those!


Also relevant to the topic, here’s a video on how to shuffle the Tarot deck!

I personally use the 3rd method she describes… because it makes me feel like a lucky gambler! :laughing:


Yep sometimes the cards will jump out at you to get your attention and its something you need to hear. The universe has an uncanny way of telling you things you need to hear,.


I agree with @Francisco and @roxanne, I read the ones that fall out as they tend to be something I need to hear.