Sickness After Interrupted Spellwork?

Yesterday, while my daughter was at school, I started some spellwork. It was going great, I was peaceful and centered and felt great. Then the school called to let me know that Emma was sick and I needed to come pick her up. I had to end the spell and go obviously. By the time I returned from picking her up I felt drained, exhausted, and like I was coming down with a cold. I had been feeling great all day before that.

Also, important to note, my daughter has Periodic Fever Syndrome, so her illness is not contagious and even so, my symptoms are those of a cold, not a stomach bug.

Now, I know “tis the season" for colds, it just seemed so coincidental and wondered if anyone else has experienced this?


Did you have time to center and ground your energy before going to pick up your daughter? Maybe that’s it.


I’m gonna ask the same questions as Amethyst. If you were in the middle of spellwork and didn’t give yourself space and time to properly ground any remaining energy, nor center yourself after being interrupted, you can definitely feel a physical consequence. I think if you eat something nutritious and comforting, drink some water, and do some grounding and centering exercises you should be just fine.

Obligatory note that if symptoms get worse or last longer than a day or two, you probably ended up with a cold and you should proceed accordingly.


Greetings @chelsie3,

In addition to what Amethyst and Megan have said, I agree that what you felt may have been caused by a big shift in your energy. You were in the middle of a spell, doing your thing, when- bam! A surprising (and likely stressful) interruption cut you off from casting.

My guess is that these symptoms are not only from the disruption of the flow of energy, but also from any stress you felt about the health and well-being of your daughter.

I’m sorry you felt so badly afterwards- like Megan suggested, if the feelings persist (and you’re sure it isn’t a cold) then you may benefit from some grounding and centering work. A meditation may help you to soothe any stray or stressful energies :person_in_lotus_position:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you all for the replies. I did not center and ground myself after the spell. I basically just went from calm and peaceful to a full blown panic.

I thought this was a cold but after some research realize it is allergies. I ran out of medication a week ago and havent been able to get more yet. It’s just strange how the attack came on so suddenly after stopping the spell so abruply.

Lesson learned…and probably just one of the “dangers” :rofl: of being a mom.


haha you’re definitely right about that! I 100% relate :blush: I’m glad to hear you’ve gotten to the bottom of it and that you’re not getting sick :partying_face:


I’m glad you figured out the cause (although I’m sorry about the allergies- I get them too this time of year! :sneezing_face:). May all be well with you and your daughter! Blessed be :sparkles::heart:


Darlin’ I think you answered your own question, You went from 0 to 60 in an instant. How long can you run at 60 MPH without emotionally crashing? Of panic, stress, anxiety, and kids. Kids are the stress magnet. My boy is 38 and I still stress over him.
But think of apples and oranges, both are considered a fruit, yet totally different.
Now think Magick and kids. Your kids always take priority.
The cold is viral in nature, once you come in contact with the cold virus, the incubation period is about 2 weeks or so before symptoms appear.
I as a retired nurse can say that it’s coincidental. Tis the season :jack_o_lantern: :jack_o_lantern:
Blessed be, stay safe, and know you are loved :heart_eyes:


There’s a possible, doing what you’re doing, could have brought your mind to a state more susceptible to suggestion, and hearing about your daughter having a cold, combined with you focusing on the cold, so your body could’ve started to exhibit cold like symptoms. Also, cold bugs could very well be present in the body, stay dormant, and lurking. This cold bug was already lying dormant in your body, hearing about the “cold” triggered it.


I don’t do it because of this, but when I was in High school or Junior High, I recall once or twice I faked being “sick” so not to go to school, and I actually got sick cold/flu like symptoms. So that was the last time I did that, even to this day. I’ve been tempted to fake it, but I recall and no.


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