Sidelined in my Craft

I am sorry I’ve been quite silent lately. I had two things happen to me. One is that I was diagnosed with a lung condition. Because of that, I need to come up with ideas on how to work my craft without using incense or burning anything (I can still light my candles). And then yesterday I fell and broke my foot. I’m such a klutzy witch. The only thing I’ve been doing is using my healing chakra stones and meditating. I do have to say that meditating has been the best thing I’ve ever done.


Oh my goodness @brenda10! I’m so sorry to hear about the lung condition and your poor foot :worried: on the plus side you have a good excuse to rest and catch up with us :joy::joy::joy: I’ve missed your lovely posts!
Don’t worry about burning stuff- it’s fun and all but totally not essential. We tend to use incense to symbolise air element so I’d start looking for other ways to symbolise air in your rituals. Music? Birds/feathers? Whispers or singing? Or if the issue is the smoke maybe an air spray made with diluted essential oils could work to get the scent side of stuff?
Also yay for meditation! So good you’ve managed to keep this up :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I send healing thoughts brave one.
I myself suffered a setback, I was hospitalized for a bit for a mini-stroke. It’s been slow. Frustrating, as I have always been very self sufficient. But therapy and quick thinking by those around me have ensured my good chances at recovery. My father believes it was my body’s way of making me slow down to appreciate and smell the proverbial roses. Either way, blessings to you.

Walk in Beauty my Friends, until next we meet…


Oh no! You poor thing! I feel your pain bc I broke a couple bones in my foot and sprained my ankle. I had to wear a boot and use crutches. Uh the agony i feel just thinking about it. I use a cleansing spray and I find it works the same. Hope you feel better!


I’m glad meditation is helping you @brenda10! Now more than ever it’s important to have a strong sense of inner Magic.

@SilverBear created a recipe for a cleansing mist to substitute incense and many other
magical mixtures and blends, there’s a quick list here: Working with Oils!

Also, have you tried binaural beats?

Sending you all the best energies! :pray:


I’m so sorry about your lung situation, and your poor foot! Sending you healing vibes! Put your foot up and get some rest.


Hope you are getting better as well, @zulieka. That sounds horrifying. I’m glad they got to the stroke quickly!


Brenda, hi you dont know me my name is Valerie. I am a newbie and I read your post and gave me goose bumps when I read. I am so so sorry to hear about your condition! Nor have I ever been in such a circumstance. I just hope that you realize that you are a survivor!! I am very sorry this is such a difficult circumstance. But just reading your message tells me you are a fighter and very strong. When we are confronted by the scrooge of death it can be painful. Sometimes it exist but if you can try to get intimate with a god it may ease your pain . Being close with a god is a intamite thing. Sometimes things happen for a reason and force us to get closer to the one we have been running from. The gods and goddesses suffer with us! I am no expert but since you said you cant walk this would be a perfect time to get close with a deity. Sometimes the Gods and Goddesses will create meaning in our lives. In the book of Merry Meet again she says that, In dealing with the “Three great mysteries” love, death, and REBIRTH. Since death and rebirth are beyond our control in this life, the fulfullment of love is our true spiritual task.
I hope you feel inspired to read a book. Not this one impiticularly but any about deity.
Blessed be


Omg! So sorry to hear! May you heal and recover rapidly…


Oh no, @brenda10! So sorry to hear it’s been rough for you lately. It’s good the doctors caught your lung condition and you are on the healing mend with your poor foot. Keep resting and stick with the meditation- I know it helps a lot! :woman_in_lotus_position::two_hearts:

There are some great suggestions about how to work magick without incense and burning. You’ve got your chakra stones, meditation, and I also suggest listening to music! WOKE NATION was suggested to me here in the forums and they have some wonderfully relaxing and purifying music that can help you cleanse your space.

Here’s a (new) favorite:

Love and light to you- wishing you a speedy recovery, Brenda :heart:


Oh no! Sorry to hear this!!

I can offer you to try florida water or plain old moon water for cleansing and clearing stagnant energy. Also, High John the Conqueror oil is fantastic too!