Sigil Interpretation?

Last night while spending time meditating at my altar, I was struck with the idea of creating a Sigil for myself. I hadn’t ever created one before and decided I wanted to just draw what came to mind…sort of organically creating what came to mind in the moment. The picture below is what I created. Is there such a thing as Sigil interpretation?


I dont know, but as I look at your sigil it feels very earthy, the spirals feel feminine. I have created my own sigil to represent my identity which I put on alot of things that are sacred. This is a beautiful image. :heart:


I’d say that’s something for the unconscious :blush: I know the conscious mind often gets tied up in knots and gets stuck on some detail when looking at something this symbolic and personal. So my advice would be to meditate on it and see what comes up :heartpulse:

Drawing it over and over and feeling the lines counts too. Maybe using colors, or different styles too, listening to your inner knowing telling if a change you’re making feels right. And remembering that you’re not breaking anything, you can always go back to the original design :sparkling_heart:


I have to say I agree with @CelestiaMoon here – it may not be for your conscious mind to figure out just yet!

I’d meditate on it and see what kind of feelings or thoughts come up. :revolving_hearts: It could be a sigil that represents who you are!


If I could do an interpretation-- I see that the spiral is your unconscious or at least something to do with the goddess/god you associate with. I see Warrior in the arrow and pointed at the ground, protector. I also see feminine in the wavy line as your body.

Just my thoughts anyways.


Hi @Satu_TheGreenWitch,

Maybe it’s the wanderer in me but, while sometimes the visual depictions that come during meditations are sigils, other times I think they might be maps of the mind at that moment in time :map:

The top swirl may be the path towards your conscious, the Upper Mind, while the lower swirl on the bottom left could be the path downwards towards your deeper Unconscious. Everything going in the middle might show main paths of thought, blockages, “dead end” thoughts, ideas that will continue (the arrow). The dots might be possibilities waiting to be unlocked, the “Z” a kind of stepping stone upwards, etc.

Just an idea that came to me while looking at this! I agree with what others have said that it is definitely worth meditating on and exploring further :person_in_lotus_position: :heart:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


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