Sigil of Strength!

Yesterday I did a bit of reflection…I performed a little ritual last night…placed some herbs in a paper bag…wrote on the outside of the bag. Drew this sigil on it with anointing oil…and sealed the bag with wax and tossed it into the fire pit last night.

I LOVE how this sigil turned out…Very proud of it and I FEEL it so strongly (no pun intended) :rofl:

Feel free to use this sigil if you need some strength to get you through something. It’s SUPER charged with A LOT of intention. Enjoy.


I love doing Sigils and crystal grids now, I think I am hooked… :slight_smile: Thank you again Sister


Really beautiful! It has a very neat concept and I love the geometry of it! :clap: :clap:

That’s a nice bonfire too! You’re all set for Midsummer, Laurie!! :fire: :fire:

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