Sigils (missing letters)

Hi All, I wonder if you can help me with this? I have been reading the key of sigils and how to connect the letters up when you put a piece of paper over the top of it and join them up, … however I can’t see the letters W or X on it? what am I doing wrong?
Thanks :slight_smile: Linda X


Hello @linda20,

Apologies- there are many various ways one can go about designing a sigil (for reference, several methods are explored in the Sigils, What to Do Discussion). Could you please clarify more about the method you are using? What do the full instructions say?

If you share/take a screenshot/picture of the instructions, we can dig in and try to figure out what needs to be done specifically for the sigil-making method you are using :blush:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


This is the one I’ve been trying to do?


Hello @linda20. I am not familiar with the Rose-Cross template to create sigils but I did find this site that does a good job of explaining how to use it and missing letters. It appears that the missing letters are due to the fact it was originally created in Hebrew and then converted to English. Here is a page on the Hebrew Alphabet.

I use either the Sigil Wheel:

(image from: How to use a sigil wheel. A tutorial.  I rarely... - Sigils By Strange)

Or the Magick Square of Saturn (how to use):


Thank you so much Amaris! I really appreciate it. Your one looks really good, And thank you so much for the Hebrew Alphabet. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:



has great templates to make you sigils.

has a sigil creator…


Thank you for sharing the full sigil instructions @linda20, and it looks like the amazing @Amaris_Bane came to the rescue! :pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Garnet shared some great sigil resources too- I hope that, whichever method you choose to use, you’re able to make a lovely new sigil.

Good luck and blessed sigil crafting! :sparkles:


Thank you for the great info on Sigils @linda20 & @Amaris_Bane & @Garnet :heart:


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