Signs confirmation

So I started classes and lessons about a month ago. I haven’t had any signs but some great meditation days on and off. Last night I did a 3 card love Tarot reading and it was amazing how much I could understand of it and relate to me and my relationship that is so meaningful to me. Then today I was cleaning and I had my black candle of protection lit and a eucalyptus candle lit as well… and I had Lonestar Amazed on my youtube, i glanced down at my phone for facebook updates and a group called romantics had posted the very words that were playing at the same time. And who I am talking about is also from Texas the Lone star state. so … I know this isn’t a coincidence. I am Light I am Love So mote it be.


Sounds to me like a confirmation…! One thing can be a regular occurrence, two “coincidences” can get your attention, but three things like that is definitely a sign in my opinion.

Blessed be!


So mote it be! :sparkles:

It sounds like a wonderful synchronicity, @wishiestarz- congrats to you! :blush:

Much love and many blessings!