Silver Moon Spell (Money attraction)

Hello everyone! I have done the Money attraction spell with the moon water and I cannot really buy anything with the coins. They don’t use it in my country. What should I do in order to complete the process. Thank you!

Best wishes!


Since the purpose of spending is it to release the energy into the Universe, I’d say look for another way to do that. Maybe take it to a bank and exchange it? I would try to release it somewhere where it can circulate - it would not throw it into a fountain. Also, when you do this spell, I think it is okay to subsitute a local coin if your country has one. Maybe others can give you a better idea.


@Undomeher Thank you! The fact is that I don’t go to the bank now. Nor I wouldn’t bring only one coin. Safety matters… It’s very tricky!

Nice to meet you by the way!


Very nice to meet you to meet you as well!

Yes they would look at you a bit funny for one coin! Not knowing your life (or much about Haiti), I’m not sure how you could spend/circulate the coin. If you had a bunch of quarters you could trade them in, and it would make sense. If it is a US quarter, you couldn’t really buy much with it here either! You would have to use it with other coins or money, like in a vending machine or at a store. Or a Salvation Army kettle. But none of that is helpful to you.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be of help, but don’t worry, there are lots of smart people here. I’m sure someone will have a solution!


Since the point is to release the coin, maybe give it as a gift to someone else?


Thank you @Undomeher @MeganB

What if I put it inside a soil box. Under a plant… Will that be useful? I fear sharing it as my people are always suspicious and it’s not much worth in my country nowadays.

Kisses to y’all!


I think you could try it, but the purpose of giving away the coin is important in the spell. Maybe you could just leave it somewhere for someone else to pick up? Or “drop it” if you’re out and about?


@MeganB it’s a good idea. It might take some time but I ll find a way to drop it.

Jaja Megan, if you knew my people. We are all used to the hidden part of hoodoo magick so I really don’t see anyone pick a coin being in a corner or on the floor. Even if it was a bag full of millions dollars. They would be really scared and suspicious. We are very fun people.


Solution found!

Thank you all… Finally I ll be able to share the coins in a banking money transfer.

Love you all!:purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart::bulb:


Awesome- glad you found a solution that works for you! :blush: May the transfer go well, and may an abundance of funds find their way to you! :money_with_wings: :sparkles:


Ahh yeah, I can see how that could make things difficult. I’m glad you found a solution, though!


Jaja, Thank you @MeganB


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