Simple spell for a good night’s sleep

I wanted to share a simple spell that I wrote for a good night’s sleep that involves working with unicorns. :unicorn: I’ve taken an interest in them since my Paolo Barbieri unicorn Oracle deck came in the mail. I also have a collection of dried flowers, so I know what to use one of them for.

Spell to Sleep Well

I recommend diffusing lavender essential oil about a half hour before bedtime to strengthen the spell if you have a diffuser.

Fill a small pouch with some dried lavender. Place the pouch beneath your pillow and say,

Unicorns, fair and full of light,
may sweet dreams fill the air

Lay down on your pillow, breathing slowly and evenly, taking in the scent of lavender.

Visualize a unicorn trotting beneath a moonless sky or any peaceful image until you fall asleep.


Ohh, I’m gonna save this one for my daughter. She always has trouble sleeping. Maybe this will help! :unicorn: Thank you for sharing!


Ooh, that sounds lovely! Thanks for sharing!


I really like the chant- it feels so comforting :unicorn: :heart:

Also any sleep/dreams spells that draw on the power of lavender sound great in my book- lavender is my go-to for falling and staying asleep, that stuff is potent in the best way possible! :purple_heart: :blush:

Thank you so much for sharing this, @Kasandra! :raised_hands:


Thank you @Kasandra :pray:
I wrote this on a little piece of paper, I’m going to try it tonight! It’s so simple, and yet it feels quite powerful!
:sparkling_heart: :hugs: :sleeping_bed: :dragon: