Single/Other draws of oracle/taro/runes etc

So, you have a specific question/query/ just want to know what the day holds?

I want to practice my oracle cards skills…

I invite everyone to join/and also give readings all the days of the week…

This is just a work in progress/ any form of divination is welcomed.

I’d love myself a good challenge & sure others do too…

Could be public/private…


I will start with the hardest person to interpret- myself.

If anyone wants to join the more the merrier :wink:

Chaos reversed - order & the limit between chaos & order, creation & inspiration. The creative aspect of soul. Giving shape to disorder & making out of destruction. 3 gimel a camel through the desert of the abyss.

Masculine straight 2 Beit house
Celebration & Santa muerte reversed 4 & 5
Daley a door & a window.

What this means to me is that I’m in a desert & my familiar home is in ruins & I’m forced to a camel going through it to Teomiel the seat of Lucifer that’s Venus


Had a black 2-packaged black bags entity felt like a parasite attach to my 3rd-eye.

This isn’t the 1st time this happens & I’m glad it happened cuz it allows me to practice my banishing techniques.

Let’s 1st draw a card to see how to combat this entity:

4 Dalet door in Hebrew
Lg ŵThe Aztec god of the sun meaning use solar energy to burn the leeching entity.

Ok, how about the specific banishing?

4 3 2
Dalet again as above
3 like yesterday gimel camel through the desert
2 like yesterday beit house

Basically intellect realisation & fraternity.
Use your brains to realise how to socialise because people are light to burn the leeching 3rd-eye entity.


The parasitic entity is still bothering me.

It’s basically interfering with my ability to think.

I’ll draw cards to get a clue what can I do more
To disinfect myself from the sludge entity…

Very frustrated, because the literature says entities don’t usually attach themselves to your 3rd-eye, but this one did & also to my crown chakra.

Extremely frustrated from the developments.

Why am I unsuccessful in banishing the parasite?

Art meaning this is a strong intelligent parasite

That’s not only feeding on me but also on many others so he’s very strong.

Also he’s feeding on healthy not sick people.


Harvest reversed I’m reaping what I sown I’m working with interesting energies not strictly with white magic & do use baneful magic from time to time,

So it makes sense I pick up some spiritual disease

Darkness straight means I’m material salesman want to earn $ have my projects in the world of action

Work reversed means I don’t work step-by-step & my gains are sudden & unexpectedly the same as my losses