Small protection spell needed

I got this glove for my 15 y/o son for his bday. I see him tomorrow (he lives with his dad). Is there a protection spell I can do since I am not with him all
The time? Or is that frowned upon? I’m not looking for a good luck one because I know that’s too specific.

I just want him to know that I love and think about him often and wish he understood his dad is telling his false things for his benefit. We had a pretty ugly divorce.



That’s a good idea! Maybe bless it as a talisman? That might work.


I think the spell @Amethyst has shared is a great start! You can enchant objects for any purpose with this type of spell!


Hi @BrandiC8984,

That’s a gorgeous glove- I am sure your son is going to love it! Wishing him a happy and blessed birthday :birthday:

Everyone sets their own ethics so others may disagree, but I personally don’t see anything wrong with enchanting a gift with some extra love and positivity. It’s like the saying about “food made with love”- things taste better and are just all-around more appreciated when extra thought and care goes into them! :gift_heart:

You’ve got a third vote from me for the blessing spell that Amethyst shared- that’s a great one! :raised_hands:

Another one that comes to mind is the Simple Protection Spell. It is generally for an amulet, but can be used to layer on a level of protection to any item.

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles: