Smoke reading from

From a Palo Santo incense stick

Let me know what you see and think?

I see Hecate torch , a little girls casting a spell on a scorpion upbove her is a Archer :bow_and_arrow:


Something otherworldly is calling you to the stars, from which you will be reborn and become a greater, more complex being.


That’s Kool , I wonder if tht means my time is almost up here. Love this reading


This one’s a bit literal – I see a face there.


The swirls and complexity just instantly drew my mind to the stars and galaxies,

This lower cluster:


is you being drawn up. But then…

It all dissipates. You have become one with the universe.

Then I saw this as a uterus, as a representation of rebirth.


And the smoke all came together to reform into something new. A circle, very literally, in the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Not necessarily a literal death, but transformation.


And we finally get this:

More complex than anything that’s come before in the photos. It’s like a being with its head in the spiritual, the physical, and the intellectual, all at once. Dancing through the universe and time elegantly.


In the second one I’m seeing the head of a dog pretty clearly, cute triangle nose and everything :dog: Very intense eyes. Could be a dragon too :dragon:

  1. A full bodied mop dog in the window frame area. A circle behind the dog. An Irish pipe or musical note above the face.

  2. Three eyes, looking in different directions. A gryphon above the lowest eye. The eye on the right could also be a Native American with a few feathers in his hair, looking down as though to whisper advice. Between the top two eyes looks like a dragon’s snout, mouth open as though blowing the gryphon into being?

  3. Body, facing us, right arm raised in a sign language “I love you.” The head is obscured in a ray of light.

  4. Forgive me for this? Ra on a sun boat, just about to pass into a Stargate.

  5. A person sitting in meditation, small dragon over the left shoulder, and a unicorn below the dragon.

  6. I see a ship, but I can’t figure out if it has Viking oars or Clipper sails. Some creature stands on front feet to kick the ship or the captain with hind legs, tail flying out above. Bird flying above the kicking creature. There seems to be a narwhal in the waves beneath the boat, doubled back on itself. Three bony fingers look like they are gripping below that.

Yeah, I have an imagination. It’s the meanings I’m not so good at.