Smoky Quartz Info 2 πŸ’Ž

     **Smoky Quartz**

Mineral Family: Quartz
Structure: Silicate
Hardness: 7
Chakra: Solar Plexus, Sacral, Root
Zodiac: Scorpio :scorpius:, Sagittarius :sagittarius:, Capricorn :capricorn:
Element: Earth :earth_africa:
Planet: Earth :earth_americas:, Saturn :ringer_planet:, Sun :sunny:
Color: Smokey :dash:, Grey​:black_heart::white_heart:, Black :black_heart:

:dash: Smoky Quartz is a type of Quartz that gets it’s black and/or smoky color from natural radiation or natural irradiation.

:dash: This particular Quartz variety forms in masses and crystal structures of all sizes. It can be found all over the world where the best specimens have come from Africa, Australia, and the New England region of the United States.

:dash: There have been a ton of artificially created Smoky’s. This process stone by introducing the Quartz to intense exposure to x-rays and has taken over a big chunk of the market.
:star: How to tell if it’s fake is by heating it, but be careful!! If it goes colorless or becomes lighter, chances are it’s fake. :pleading_face:

:dash: Smoky Quartz helps one ground themselves to earth in addition to opening up the root chakra and solar plexus.

:dash: It’s the perfect stone for those who constantly find themselves with a wandering mind and an inability to focus. It not only clears your mind but allows you to be more level headed.

:dash: Smoky Quartz helps you find determination that sometimes feels lost in our daily lives. It can assist you to bring your dreams, wants and desires into reality. By putting your own needs first, this stone can become one of the strongest manifestation tools in your arsenal.

:dash: This crystal has always been one of the strongest and most effective tools for dissolving and transmuting negative energies. Not only will it protect one’s aura and body from negative vibrations, but also change those existing negative energies into something positive. Example: it can help one break bad habits and patterns by showing your inner strength.

:dash: There will be times in our lives where we will have to face adversity and now cower in the face of distress. Smoky Quartz can help you manifest that specific power needed to tackle those challenges. (Because you ARE worth it!)

:dash: Smoky Quartz works well with other grounding stones such as Dravite, Black Tourmaline, and Black Kyanite. It’s highly recommended to meditate with one or all of these stones to help with the organization of thoughts, ideas, and interests.

:dash: Epidote with Smoky Quartz enhances mediation sessions surrounding manifestation. Epidote is a natural enhancer that brings clarity to many decisions.

Transformation, strength, balance, protection, grounding, purification, manifestation, sense of purpose, organization, personal will.

Here’s my Smoky Skeletal:

Some Smoky tumbles and a cube. The cube looks like an ice cube lol

And lastly, my Smoky cluster: