Snakeskin Magick! 🐍

A little “did you know?” Video today! Hope you enjoy and learned something new! Have a great day, folks.


I’ve only come across a snakeskin a few times in my life, but every time I do my first reaction is always ewwww (sorry!) :laughing:

But a snake shedding its skin is a totally natural process and, to the best of my knowledge, not something that causes it pain. Due to my own personal ethics, I try to avoid using things like bones (or anything that might carry death/pain with it) in my practice, but I don’t see any issues with using snakeskin… I just need to get over myself first :joy::snake:

This is a great video with lots of educational knowledge. Perhaps the next time I find a snakeskin I’ll be braver and give working with it a try! Thank you, @Silverbear! :heart:


It’s my understanding the only reason snakes get nasty while shedding is because they are blind and testy.
I believe in letting a dead snake or snakeskin lie.
Garnet - the Cringer

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Watching a snake shed its skin has been a fascinating (and satisfying) sight. Can’t remember ever coming across a snake skin. If I ever did, I’d probably use it in a spell. I’m starting to be interested in working with snakes since I was born in the year of the snake. Also, I was going through the photos on my phone and remembered that when I took the quiz on Pottermore, the Sorting Hat put me in Slytherin.

Image from Pottermore

I was shocked at the time because I’m not like Voldemort or any of his Death Eaters. But I’ve learned that Slytherin’s traits such as ambitious, resourceful and determined (which I believe I have) aren’t necessarily bad.