Snow Moon Divination ❄ A Tarot Spread

I was sitting here trying to decide what to do for this evening’s Full Moon. It has been a long time since I have done a full-blown ritual and honestly, I do not have the energy for that. So instead, I decided to create a tarot spread to do tonight in honor of the theme of the Snow Moon.

The Snow Moon is named as such because in many parts of North America, where the name is derived, there is still snow on the ground in the middle of February. The alternate name for this moon is the Hunger Moon. Again, it is because it is the middle of February, in the thick of winter, and food was scarce. The many popular names for these moons comes from Native American lore, and thus it makes sense for those of us in most parts of North America.

Though I do not have snow on the ground here in Florida (that would be an amazing sight :laughing:) it has been a little colder than we are used to so I am okay with sticking with the Snow Moon. It also helps me visualize the deeper meaning behind the Full Moon of February.

Anyway, without further rambling from me, here is the tarot spread I created. Please feel free to use it for yourself personally, share it with your friends, etcetera. I will be doing my own divination with it this evening, though I might not share my actual results. I will probably also share it on my own social media, but I have not decided on that yet.

Snow Moon Full Moon Tarot Spread

I created the layout for this spread purposefully, working from the bottom to the top in a sort of zig-zag pattern inspired by the way snakes move on the ground. I started at the bottom to symbolize the slowing down of winter, hibernation if you will, and the growth that we experience as we approach Spring.

There are five cards, each with its own question.

Card One: How can I best emerge from my own hibernation?

Whether we realize it or not, we all go through a period of wintering. It generally takes place in winter but not always. Sometimes I find we have been in periods of hibernation without even knowing it. Are we hiding from family and friends? Have we pulled away from people we care about? Have we slowly stopped doing things we enjoy? Have more pressing issues taken priority? It’s normal! Those are all parts of life. This question is to help you realize where you have been hibernating and how to come out of it.

Card Two: How can I best see my life with a new perspective?

Even if things seem to be going well, a change of perspective doesn’t hurt! We may be missing small, subtle changes in ourselves or our environment. Shifting our focus and our perspective helps to open our eyes and see things more clearly.

Card Three: What needs to be awakened within me?

The things that go dormant within us during our own hibernations may need to stay dormant for a bit longer, but what can be awakened within you right now? What will best serve your future, progress, and growth right now in this moment? What have you put to sleep within yourself that needs to be awakened?

Card Four: What do I need to leave behind in the cold of winter?

As with things that need to be awakened, there are things that we might need to leave behind, to die in the cold, so to speak. That is also part of life, and one that we often shy away from. If you’re like me, you tend to cling to everything hoping that it will help keep you afloat and remind you that you’re alive. I mean, that’s just my mental health talking there, but I know there are things that would be better left buried in the snow.

Card Five: What can I learn from this period of wintering as we approach Spring?

Spring is all about growth, renewal, and revitalization. We aren’t quite at Spring yet, but Imbolg has left us on the downward slide into brighter weather, warmer days, and rosebuds popping up in our gardens. While the physical world around us changes, we also change in ways seen and unseen. Wintering is hard. It isn’t meant to be a period of time where things are easy and growth happens, but growth does happen in the darkness. So, what lessons can you take from the darkness of Winter into the brighter days of Spring?

I hope you like this tarot spread and I hope it serves you well if you choose to use it.

Many blessings to you and a happy Snow Moon :snowflake:

:heart: Megan


Thank you @MeganB, I love that! We don’t have snow where I live either, but last year we did. The whole state of Texas closed down for a week. Lol!


This is a lovely spread! I already did a reading for tonight’s full moon but will defiantly bookmark this for use next year. Thank you for sharing!


Oh yes, I remember that! I was so worried for everyone there. I actually held a raffle for a homemade blanket last year and donated the proceeds to charities in the area that were affected. I’m glad this year has been better weather-wise for you!

@Amaris_Bane thank you :pray:t3: I haven’t done mine yet but I still have time. I’m one of those people that prefers to do my personal tarot readings by candlelight lol plus I wait until my daughter goes to sleep so I can focus.


@Ostara I’m in Houston and was lucky that we didn’t get snow but we lost power for a day and water for a week in my suburb. Some friends and family in other parts of the state has rolling blackouts for several days. It was bad.

@MeganB , that is why I already did mine, lol, my husband gets home at 6ish and then I’m distracted for the rest of the night. I would much prefer candle light but I have to make it work with our schedules so I won’t be distracted, although he’s generally really good at trying not to disturb me.


Thanks @MeganB, saved me from looking for a spread to use this evening. Love this .


@Amaris_Bane I am in a little town outside of Houston called Hempstead. We are neighbors!


We were lucky. We had rolling black outs but the electricity didn’t stay off for very long.


I know where that is. I’m originally from College Station. We are in Baytown, just east of Houston, now. Howdy neighbor!!


I was thinking you were closer to the coast if you didn’t have snow last year. It’s a small world!


My granddaughter wants to go to A&M and my daughter called me to say how expensive it is. Literally we were talking about College Station 5 minutes before I read your post!


This is a gorgeous spread, @MeganB- what a gift for the full moon! :sparkles: Thank you so much for sharing it :blush:

Hope you had/are having a wonderful full moon! Although it peaked yesterday, I believe it will look just as stunning tonight as well :full_moon_with_face:


Thank you Megan for this tarot reading spread. I missed it yesterday but I will try it out for tonight. :tarot_card: :dizzy:


Thank you @MeganB for the spread. It has very thoughtful and insightful questions. I will do this tonight. :tarot_card: I got a new deck I can’t wait to try. :wink:

Yesterday it was snowing when I woke up and it snowed off and on all day. Then last night the Snow Moon shone very bright through my window to charge all my goodies! :pentagram: :full_moon:


@Amaris_Bane – gotta do what you gotta do! I’m glad you’re able to fit it in around your schedules :blush:

@MsQ – You’re welcome!

@Ostara – I’m glad you were lucky last year :blush: hopefully that was a freak incident and doesn’t happen again anytime soon!

@TheTravelWitch_Bry – Thank you :heart: I’m happy to share! I did my reading the night of the full moon and haven’t had a chance to fully sit down and flesh it out. I’m gonna do that today, I think.

@debra2 – If you tried it, I hope it worked well for you!

@Sarall:heart: You’re very welcome! Snow on a snow moon :snowflake: how perfect!