Solar Eclipse pics

About 9:25am. The eclipse is just barely visible on the sidewalk under a hawthorn tree at the front of our complex. Near the corner of the triangular section, there are circles with fuzzy shadows at the bottom. It will get better, I promise.

9:45am. More circles in the shadow. The bite out of the circles is getting clearer. Birds are still flying about, singing, and the sky is the normal bright blue with just a few feathery clouds around.

10am Birds are quiet. A stray cat walked around me, giving me a wide berth, only to climb the tree behind me. He sat there looking at me as though to ask what I was going to do about it. I told him to keep looking down so he didn’t hurt his eyes. Next time I looked, his eyes were closed in that wonderful cheshire grin of comfort and trust. When people walked their dogs past, the limb would shake, making the moons dance.

10:10am. The feathery shadows on the parking lot pavement are caused by images of the eclipse. Nature is so beautiful!

10:35am. Nearly complete. The cat climbed down from the tree as though going off to hunt. Looking up toward the Balloon Fiesta, the sky was a darker blue than usual, but not as dark as I expected it to get. I enjoyed the flower like cluster of circles to the right.

10:39am Cradle shaped half circles make the shadows feathery as the other groups of spectators call it over and head in. The shade of the tree is moving at the usual pase for a normal day, crawling up the wall beside me, so I’m surrounded by moon-shaped glitter:

Thank you for your time. I hope you enjoyed Mother Nature’s spell casting spectacle for today.

I went in soon after to warm up. Asked Albus if he had seen it get dark outside. He peeped excitedly, telling me all about it.
“Were you scared?” I asked.
Absolute sudden silence. What a smart bird!


Those pics are amazing! Thanks for sharing!


Wow - thank you so much for sharing!


We didn’t get to see it here :confused: we were in the 70% zone, I believe, and didn’t have the proper equipment to view it. Thank you for sharing the pictures!

I went searching for other pictures, too, because I think these events are fascinating. Here are some I found!

Source - AP News

Source - Exploratorium

Source - PhotoPills; Photo by Josh Cripps


Ooh they’re gorgeous :sparkling_heart:


Awww, how beautiful, especially that special little moment with the kitty :smiling_face: :revolving_hearts:


Ooh, that one with the camel is awesome!


@georgia beautiful :heart_eyes: pictures!
I wasn’t able to see the eclipse :confused: it was raining :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain: all day here. I was disappointed :disappointed:


Those pictures showing the course of the eclipse over time are so cool to see, @georgia- thank you so much for sharing! :heart_eyes:

And ohhhh gorgeous shots, @Megan- the last one of the camel in the desert is particularly mesmerizing :camel: :sparkles:

Couldn’t see the eclipse here- one because we’re in the 10-20% zone and two because work was very busy! I’m glad I can see it vicariously thanks to everyone’s pictures :blush: Thanks again for sharing them! :heart: