Something so simple...but brilliant!

I wish I thought of this LOL

Infused parchment spell pouches.

Fill with herbs and intention on small piece of paper . Can either be burned in fire spell or released in water. (I would probably only do the fire burning one and not “trash” the streams/rivers)

Other options if you add your favorite or intended crystal carry on you in purse or pocket.

Someone else just added to this post on Facebook " My great grandmother would make these and have us hide them, with the intent written in our hand writing on paper, in the yard under the appropriate moon light"

What great ideas!


That Works huh? Especially if you bury a spell you are not polluting the environment…Love this idea…


The idea of a message in a bottle floating away into the ocean is wonderful… until you have millions of bottles washing ashore and nobody to pick them up

Great idea! Always looking out for Mother Earth! :earth_africa: Thanks for sharing, Laurie!


I don’t know why I never thought that you could burn parchment paper…lol but you can do something similar with those cardboard toilet paper roll holder things, too!


I just did a video on that lol. Stay tuned haha