Something strange just happened

Hey everyone I just had the craziest experience of my life while cleansing my hematite ring and need to share it and see if anyone has had something similar happen to them. … I’m going to try my best to make sense I’m still really shaky… So I sat down at my alter to cleanse my ring I lit a candle closed my eyes, and started taking deep breaths to quiet my mind. Then I grabbed my clear quartz in both hands while I focused then all of the sudden I froze almost like I was in a trance and my eyes slowly started shifting to the fire from my candle… I could not move a muscle and my mind was racing then I started to panic and trying to force myself to move but nothing worked I was fixated on the flame frozen and I felt like I was trapped in my own head… truly freaky for a baby witch! Now that it’s over I really wish I could have calmed down long enough to explore what I was experiencing. So if you have any thoughts about what happened or your own stories I would love to hear them!


I don’t know of the experience you have on meditation, but what I can understand is that you were getting to a meditative state, is normal to spirit guides help to focus. Sense this is kind of new to you, your brain reacted from the situation and panicked, making you to feel paralyzed. Sense you were on that state, it takes a few moments to get back. Nothing to worry on been possessed by a spirit, when a person is possessed, it doesn’t realize of what’s going on, it doesn’t have control of him, her, them self, also in blank, not realizing the present moment. You couldn’t move, but was alert of your surroundings which is a good sign.


Greetings @Luna95!

Sorry that you had a startling meditation experience. I’ve never meditated to the point of becoming paralyzed (at least that I am aware of), so I’m afraid I can’t offer much personal advice here.

My thoughts are that you may have entered a state similar to sleep paralysis, or perhaps you had gone deep but were only partially relaxed (causing different parts of your consciousness to battle for focus and control).

Although I’ve been meditating for many years, I’m not a doctor and don’t have any specialist advice- so if it happens again and is upsetting for you, I’d recommend checking in with a medical professional. I’d also suggest taking a longer time with your breathing before sinking into a meditative state to ensure that you are fully relaxed- the more you do, the easier it will be to get into a comfortable meditation routine (and know what is normal/out of the ordinary for your practice).

Wishing you all the best- blessed meditation! :heart::person_in_lotus_position:


Oh my, that sounds terrifying :worried:
My first thought was a sleep paralysis kind of state, I know meditation can lead you to states not unlike dreaming or just at the edge of wakefulness… I’ve had a few visions while awake and meditating, and during them I’ve felt my eyes rapidly move back and forth, just like in REM sleep… another thing that happens in REM sleep is that the messages from your brain to your muscles just don’t get delivered, otherwise you’d be walking and talking in your dreams every night! Sometimes that can happen just at the edge of falling asleep, which gives the nightmarish (but temporary) experience of being there in your body but not being able to move a muscle.


I didn’t have an article at hand but good thing @TheTravelWitch did, hive mind in action! :grin:

Another thought prompted by reading it… deep breaths and fire together in a small space can consume a lot of oxygen, it might also lead to getting lightheaded and while meditating it may be easy to miss… please stay safe everyone!


@Luna95 You got some great information from others here. I feel like the experience could be various possibilities as well, I would suggest that you look into scrying and meditation a bit more. There might be info about these two topics that could ease your questions about the experience. Also, sounds like you’re coming more aware or in tune with your abilities so that’s a positive thing! As always trust your intuition and be open to learning all you are drawn to in the craft.
Blessed Be,


Good morning! :slight_smile: I hope you’ve been able to relax and ground yourself since your experience – it sounds like it was a scary situation! :grimacing:

As others have mentioned, it’s likely that you were just entering into a deeper trance-like state and were potentially experiencing something like sleep paralysis.

On the other hand, I would also suggest keeping an eye on these types of experiences as they happen to you because there could also be more mundane explanations. I love the spiritual side of things, but I’m also one who believes in making sure that I’m staying healthy physically and emotionally.

I’m no doctor, nor am I claiming I know anything about your situation or anything relating to the medical field other than my personal experiences. I’m only sharing my personal experience and two-cents so that you can make sure you’re taking care of yourself properly :green_heart:

I have experienced something that sounds extremely similar to what you described. However, the times I experienced it, it wasn’t when I was trying to meditate or doing anything relating to my Craft. I’m someone who struggles with depression and anxiety. The times I had those feelings similar to what you described, I was experiencing mild panic attacks.

Again, I’m not saying that what you were experiencing was related to a form of a panic attack, but I just wanted to point out that what you were talking about sounded very similar to the panic attacks I’ve had. If it keeps happening to you, please reach out to healthcare professionals and make sure that you’re not neglecting your physical/emotional/mental health, especially if you incorporate any sort of shadow work into your practice.

To me, personally, it’s exceedingly vital to make sure one balances one’s spiritual and mundane needs.

Stay well and blessed be :green_heart:


This makes a lot of sense I struggle the most with clearing my mind and being able to fully focus and I was having the same issues maybe my body relaxed before my mind!


Thank you for sharing! And I’m very sorry you struggle with anxiety and depression. One thing I noticed when I was able to move again was my body felt like it does after a panic attack, my muscles were weak and felt like jello and I was very shaky but instead of feeling mentally drained I got a huge burst of energy and excitement… Truly a wild experience


Definitely looking into scrying! After talking with you about it I feel a pull to learn more!!


I’m glad you were feeling energetic and excited after the experience! :smiley: Again, I’m not a doctor, but that does sound like a good thing to me :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing.

According to me, you jumped from Third Dimension chakra to fourth dimension of chakras for which you had a little time of paralysis.

If this happens again then please don’t panic. Cast astral travel protection spell. Just relax and go with the flow.

Also it is better to avoid doing mediation through Crystal and candles. Just play the meditation guide video and meditate, but cast astral protection spells before starting your meditation. Here is the spell:

Reference: Book Of Shadows Pages: Astral Projection Spell


I didn’t even think of that! Thank you for the spell definitely using it :relaxed:


My pleasure. Why are friends for? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Let me explain what happened with you now. I hope you are feeling better now.

Our souls born with power of Crown Chakra, but situations pushed it towards Root Chakra. It is our duty to climb up from Root to Crown Chakra again to free our souls.

In your case, clear quartz represent magic chakra that is based 4 inches about Crown Chakra. When you held clear quartz during meditation your soul jumped out of your body and claimed suddenly from any chakras that is below Crown Chakra to Magic Chakra. Your soul was not in Crown Chakra. This imbalance paralysed you for little. Soul fail to come back inside body in this situation. So be careful in future.

Meditation without candles and Crystal will help your soul to climb up at Crown Chakra. Then you can freely meditate with candles and Crystals, but take Astra protection as long as you don’t fully confident.

Remember that I am always here to everyone with Chakra, Reiki and every type of spiritual therapies. Blessed be. @Princess_Tara


Thank you for sharing your wisdom about chakra meditations, Annesha!

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding a bit here (in which case, apologies!), but I have to disagree with this.

While chakra work certainly has its benefits, everyone will find that different types and styles of meditations (be it with crystals, candles, chakra work, guided, etc.) may or may not work for them. I know many people here meditate with candles and/or crystals, as I myself have been for many years, with great success.

I would encourage everyone to try various styles of meditation to see what works best for them.


Exactly I mentioned this on a different way.

I am also appreciating meditation with candles and Crystal, but be comfortable with it first.

In this case, candles and Crystal did not work for her, but in future when she will be comfortable with it, then meditation with candles and Crystal will work for her. @Princess_Tara


I see- apologies that I misunderstood! :pray: It looks like we are in agreement here. There is certainly a lot of value in trying different types of meditation to find what works for you :blush:

Thanks again for sharing your wisdom, Annesha! Blessed be! :sparkles:


You don’t need to apologise because we are friends.

Friendship follows a rule in India: “No thanks and no apology in friendship”. So no apologies for anything.

Yes, we are in agreement. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Unspoken bonds are very powerful indeed! :blush: I’m sending out my gratitude to you for sharing this lovely quote and your friendship :heart:

Lots of love! :sparkles: