Sometimes the nightmares dont fade and ghosts return

This isnt a recipe, but i like how spells can be in rhyme but more its just a poem i guess, maybe it could be a spell or a player to a deity or spirit but i couldnt choose another catagory so it fell into this as closest. Maybe its more an encouragenent to others who may need it…Hope it may helps

Hope and light
There are days that i feel strong
Days that i just make it through
There are days it just feels wrong
And in every turn i loose

Give me hope when hope is gone
Wipe the tears away from my eyes
Help me bring a light to darkness
For everyone at sometime cries

The past may pass, wounds may heal
But the scars dont ever seem to fade
When hope is gone and light is lost
In all the times that you were betrayed

Dont loose faith, hold on tight, someones on their way
A spirit, a deity, whom ever you need
They will come and turn darkness into day
And where hope was lost, they will plant a new seed.

Hope is on its way. So hang in there, you are not alone. So mote it be

I wrote this just now because i was in pain and alone and close to tears but even in my pain, i know there are others needing encouragement so it turned into a message of hope and light from one hurting person to anyone else needing encouragement today or any day. :cherry_blossom::blossom::sunflower::bouquet::hibiscus::rose:


This is beautiful @Phoenix_Fire! Very emotional poem. I hope things are going better for you now. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


What a sad, lovely spell. You’ve laid out your pain, offered support, and given hope. You’re a lovely precious girl to put forth this wonderful offering.

Thank you for opening this subject.
Some pain doesn’t ever totally go away. It may fade for a while then one day something triggers the event to repeat itself, in your head. Whether it’s fear, a memory surfacing, or a nightmare.
“Time is the great healer”, is a lie we tell to soothe ourselves. Your wounds will mostly heal.
But anyone who says it will just ‘go away’ is in a sad state of denial. A kind loving support system and counseling will also help.
Violence, failure, injury, and many events are triggers for me. But this isn’t about me.
Time WILL fade most traumas and a loving, supportive community.
Acceptance is an uplifting experience. Feeling safe is an amazing experience.
For those dealing with old issues that haunt them? We, as a group, (read coven) and individuals, are here for you anytime. I am sending much love to those in pain. (And many hugs!)
Each and every one of you are wonderful (and don’t EVER forget it!). You have great worth and such potential as a person. You can do anything you want and become anything you wish. Don’t let a traumatic incident hold you down. Little witch, that’s the wonder of our craft. We, as witches, wear many more hats than the pointy one. Whether you fly an old broom or drive a Ferrari, you get from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’, it’s simple. Don’t over complicate things.
And give yourself a break. We all make mistakes, we’re supposed to. It’s part of the human experience. To live is to learn, to learn is growth and, growth will grow your wings


This is incredibly powerful @Phoenix_Fire and just what I needed right now🥰
Would it be okay if I did a copy & paste to print and hang it up?


This is so beautifully written, @Phoenix_Fire. I can feel the emotions in your poem- the love, the pain, the dark, the light- it’s all there, tangible in every word.

Sending big, warm, squishy hugs your way- I hope the pain and the darkness you were feeling has passed into sunny skies and happy thoughts :people_hugging: :sun_with_face:

You really have a heart of gold to think of and care for others, even when dealing with your own pain. Thank you so much for sharing your very generous light through this poem. You really are so kind, Phoenix! :heart:

Wishing only good things and happiness for you- blessed be! :hugs::two_hearts:


that was very beautiful :blush: @Phoenix_Fire


You are a special human being @Phoenix_Fire… Lots of love and hugs to you…


So more it be!


I really love your poem, Phoenix :heart: Your words have touched my heart and I can feel the emotion through the computer! The message of hope that you’ve shared is an important one, and you put it into words that make it easy to understand :pray: :sparkles: Beautiful!