Soul 'Skin' Color

Has anyone heard of Soul Skin Color?

Soul color is defined as: A color that strongly resonates with our soul. Each soul on this planet has a color associated or linked with it. Just as we develop taste or preference for certain foods, styles, & activities, our soul also develops a preference for certain colors. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkling_heart:

Colors have different vibrations, and we can perceive the vibration of cosmic energy moving through the body through meditation.

When we concentrate on our breathing, we activate the Prana or Chi energy in our minds and bodies, which is also a type of vibration.

Because the energy that flows within is linked to the soul energy, if a soul develops a strong affinity for a specific color, it simply means that it matches itself to the frequency of that color’s vibration.

Pretty fascinating stuff! Feel free to comment and share your insight or experiences.


My color seems to change with the seasons. One side of me even changes with how I feel. It seems like there are several layers of color which persist longer than the aura, which can change with what is going on around me. I try to dress using those colors, but style isn’t allowed for big people. We have to wear what the sellers think of us. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :confounded:

In spring and summer, I turn hot pink. Not red, as some seem to see, but a deep pink or fuscia. In the winter, I resonate with a dark blue- like cobalt glass with the sun shining through it. Over the past year or so, I’ve been craving yellow as a healing technique.

I tend to dress conservatively- no dresses which can be misconstrued as invitations to harassment, as comfortably as possible, and all in one color or shade if possible. That way, people see me, not my outfit coming down the hall or street. I will wear unicorn tees whenever available, as unicorns have been my teachers and protectors.


I found this old kirlian photography experiment from 1996. I’d sat on one metal plate, put each hand on another. Can’t remember if there was a plate on the floor for my feet. Probably. It felt like holding a battery- one hand on each pole, arms raised so the charge could flow through my whole body. The photo was brief, but it took a bit for the Polaroid to develop.

The photographers wouldn’t show us, but kept murmuring between themselves. When the shock had subsided, one turned to me: “They don’t mess with you, do they?”

I have been seeking another kirlian photographer to see how time changes it, since I know health changes fingerprints and the aura. So far, no luck.


What does this mean? :thinking:


When I have my reiki sessions, the reiki lady always sees purple over me, a purple aura, and I always see purple shapes mixed with black when I close my eyes. :person_shrugging:


From what I understand, which isn’t much, yet, people can feel a strong aura like the picture even when they can’t see it outright. When there is a bright color, people choose whether to use the available energy for their own purposes or to leave the person alone. A large, bright aura can be considered healthy and strong, defensive, or angry.

I was given a printout from a computer which was able to see things which the naked eye blended. There are balls of light around my head- supposedly guardians, possibly dragons. I guess I am well protected on several levels.

The photographers had a pegboard showing other pics taken of people who may have left their images behind. Several were blue, one green. None stood out so far from the body.

Irregularity in the shape around the body means there is an illness in the part where the color gets closer to the body. Changes in color are said to define strong emotions. If others know more, I’m willing to learn.


Ah, so they were saying you have lots of protection? :smile: I think I understand the statement now. Thanks. :black_heart:


I wonder how many people’s soul colors match up with their favorite color? Definitely an interesting idea! Fascinating stuff! I definitely want to read some more!


If it did, well, my soul is hella black then. :joy:

Or purple. Or red. I don’t know. :thinking:

Purple sounds like a wonderful colour to see. Not totally biased as a purple enjoyer. Nope. :sweat_smile: :black_heart:


haha you and me both! :black_heart:

I hadn’t heard of soul colors before. Thank you for sharing, @SilverBear :blush:


I don’t know how your soul color may ir may not relate to your aura. Anyway I picture my body surrounded by green which fades into blue which fades into purple. I have no idea what this means! Lol :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
I’d love to have a picture taken of my soul color. I’ve read about it, but never saw anyone that does it. Thank you @SilverBear
This is a wonderful topic!
@georgia thank you for sharing your photo! :heart::blush::people_hugging::hugs:


I apologize @SilverBear. I’ve become aware that I took over your post. I’m ashamed of myself.

In my youth, I wasn’t allowed to learn social graces. Not an excuse- a reason. I won’t say anything else.


Oh goodness…please continue - this is for learning - that is what this is all about - learning and sharing experiences. :heart_eyes:


No apologies needed, Georgie, just as @SilverBear has said! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: This is a space for conversation and learning. Everyone can contribute in whatever way they are able. Your words and stories are always appreciated!


Oh, we’d love to have our aura photographed or felt out! :blush: :sparkling_heart:

The way we see it, our soul is pure white light (a sliver of pure divine consciousness), and it’s the ego personality that colors it one way or another (together with the surface layer of thoughts and feelings when viewed from the outside). We have several, even if we work so tightly together that it looks like one to the outside most of the time. Feels like a huge blessing and a privilege, to have that beautiful multiplicity, and still be able to blend in, as most people are just so terrified of something different. We still do a lot of it here too, feels easier sometimes, unless it’s relevant to the topic at hand like right now :smiling_face:

So we have several colors, that each of us feel reflects their unique personality. Would be fun to see how and if it reflects outside :hugs: These are ours :yellow_heart: :blue_heart: :green_heart: :purple_heart: :black_heart: :orange_heart: :white_heart:

(Before figuring all of this out, “what’s your favorite color” used to be a real headscratcher to us :sweat_smile:)


You know, I didn’t think until just now how the aura would change if there were multiple consciousnesses in one physical body. :thinking: That would be such an interesting thing to see and experience!

I’ve never had my aura photographed. I’d be curious to see what it looks like. I don’t know if there are apps that do aura photos. I did download an app that supposedly read my aura based on my face and it says my aura is :yellow_circle: yellow :yellow_circle:

According to the app, a yellow aura means I am spiritually inspired or experiencing a spiritual awakening. :yellow_heart: It’s funny because I really, really don’t like the color yellow! :joy:


To be fair, it’s kind of a silly question. :sweat_smile: There’s this like, expectation to have a one favourite thing from every category possible. But how can it be! There’s so much in the world to love, from colours and sounds, to foods and shapes. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Or maybe I’m just trying to cope with never being able to answer with less than 3 colours. :joy:


while browsing the forum I found myself here
favorite color purple and green
but purple is divine!
I adore it!