Source for statuary

Pricey, but there are some different statues here that look intriguing. The site seems to have other supplies, too. I would look to see if these can be found elsewhere for less before I buy.


I’ve seen a lot of those available on Etsy and Amazon, so I’m sure you could price check there :heart:


I can’t really have statues at the moment (no room in the suitcase lol), but there are several things here that caught my eye. That black shell and mother of pearl box, for example… ohhhh~ :eyes:

Always a smart thrifty witch move! :grinning: :+1: It does seem like this store isn’t the crafter themselves but rather reselling from artisans, and it certainly never hurts to shop around and compare prices :money_with_wings:

Thanks for sharing, @anon87969570! Their inventory is really fun to see, and they have a ton to browse through! :heart:


Beautiful statues! They’re a bit too rich for my pocketbook though. I saw several I’d love to have!


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