Space saving witchy stuff

I noticed that when I wanted to do my daily ritual, that I would have to gather my things from different rooms. And I decided to put everything together in a witch bag. It’s just a cute canvas bag to hold all of my daily stuff. Here are a few pictures I took of everything that I’m keeping there. My braille book of shadows is there, I also have a portable altar with an amethyst and a clear quartz. The candle is there in some pink salt as well but no worries, it is flameless. My wand is wrapped in a dark colored fabric with a bow. I don’t often use it, but when I need it, I really need it. I also have my braille tarot deck on display in its faux leather case. On the right side in the book of shadows, I have my brailed poem for Mother’s Day for Brigid. I have been also holding off on drawing and doodling because of my lack of vision. I have decided that’s no longer an excuse. I bought myself some watercolor paint markers and intend to use them on Fridays. I want to see if I can’t figure out a way to paint some sigil’s. on the top, I have my altar cloth I am making. The latch hook pattern is a sunflower. I can’t see the pattern well enough to tell where the colors go, so I’ve decided to make it a tie dye sunflower. I’ve been working on it for about Two months. So I just wanted to share in case someone else had thought of doing something similar. I would love to know if you have any suggestions, or if you do the same thing and what you like to keep in yours.


That is awesome! I recently moved into a home half the size of my previous one and with my two adult kids still living at home…well, space is a luxury. I’ve been trying to come up with ways to keep my static altar and have a traveling one as well. I usually need to hunt for a quiet corner or somewhere in the yard to meditate and practice my craft. If I keep a travel bag, then I won’t lose focus trying to track down all of my treasures. Thank you for the inspiration and I love the tie dye sunflower, too!


This is amazing, you’re so talented. I keep mine in a box so it can move around the house (and be discreet). I love your sunflower. :sparkling_heart::hugs:


What a great idea. I have most of my stuff squirreled around in different areas of my desk. But I love the sunflower bag, that’s beautiful!


I love the alter @Vermilion_plus_souls with the latch and hook sunflower I can tell it’s gonna look great. I’m like @tracyS I keep mine in a box so I can move it around faster and be more discreet. The only thing i keep separately is my cauldron of course. :grin: my apologies for getting the name wrong last time and I’m on this new medicine called Neurontin that’s had me dealing with allot of confusion lately. :woman_facepalming: still no excuse and my deepest apologies you can imagine how embarrassed I was when I caught this. I’ve been doing stupid things lately but to the correct person I love ur alter cloth​:heartpulse:


This is awesome, @Vermilion_plus_souls! As someone also without a permanent altar, I always love and appreciate seeing creative ways to store witchy goods. You’ve made your own sacred space that suits your needs, and it’s a really pretty one too! I like the tie dye sunflower :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you so much for sharing it- your magickal witch bag is inspirational! :sparkles:


Keeping your altar stuff in a bag is a great idea! I keep my outdoor altar stuff in a little wooden trunk and when I’m not using it, it goes into a plastic trunk so it doesn’t get ruined by the rain. It’s nice having everything I need right there in my garden.


This is such a great idea! :heart:

I keep a lot of my daily things in a little box that I can easily move from room to room. It’s stored in a room with reptiles, so I can’t burn incense in here. I tend to do a lot of my workings outside anyway, so that’s where I go. And it’s easy enough to move things and swap things out that I don’t have to worry about losing other things!

I did just order a new journal and I want to make myself a little bag for my journaling and tarot supplies. When it gets here, I’ll probably make a video on the process and how I’m trying to make journaling a sacred part of my routine!

Also, can I just say that I had no idea there were braille tarot decks?! I think that’s really freakin’ awesome! :clap: :revolving_hearts:


I so love reading about all of your space saving ideas. Also, they don’t actually make braille tarot cards. I had to make mine by myself. I luckily have just enough vision to where I could see the writing if I enlarged it a whole bunch on my phone. Then I would braille the number and letter of the suit or just the number of the major arcana cards on the top of the card so that I would know the positioning as well as what the card was. Also, journaling for me is super important for my spiritual practice. Most times when I do tarot I journal at the same time. It helps me organize my thoughts. Recently, I have started recording my journal entries in my Voice Memos application. It makes it so that I can catch most of my thoughts as they come up especially when reading tarot.


Oh, well I’m glad you were able to make them yourself. That’s something that someone should seriously make! That’s a great idea! :clap:

Journaling is really important for me, too. I don’t do it every day like I’d like to - sometimes life just happens - but it’s something I always have near me. My therapist and I are working on the journaling everyday thing :joy: I’m getting better! I think recording your journal entries as voice memos is a wonderful idea! Not only is it accessible for you, but it’s also simple and can give more meaning to the entry if you can pick up on the tone of voice during the recording.


OMG I love how organized it looks. And that’s super awesome having a braille book of shadows and tarot cards.