Spell for a loved one passing

Does anyone have a spell for a loved one passing. My mother in law is now at end of life and I want to do a ritual for her passing. I want to make sure she is safe and protected and may she rest is peace. Can anyone help me blessed be :triple_moon_goddess:


In the space between life and death, when the shadow of fate stands beside those about to pass over, our love can offer guidance and solace.

Begin by setting a sacred space. You will need to:

  • Choose a vessel, perhaps a plant or a symbolically meaningful deceased creature.
  • Have a container ready for this vessel.
  • Include a photograph or drawing of the individual, sized to fit the vessel.
  • Prepare black twine and black ribbon, each about a foot in length.
  • Gather fresh flowers as a tribute.
  • Lay out a piece of black fabric, large enough to wrap around the vessel.
  • Keep a pen or marker at hand.
  • Obtain an object the individual cherished – perhaps an article of clothing, a handwritten note, or something that represents their passions.

Inside the container, inscribe the individual’s name. Encircle it with heartfelt wishes: peace, liberation, and warmth. This container should resonate with positive affirmations and love. If the individual holds any apprehensions about their impending journey, inscribe words of encouragement and bravery.

Place your chosen vessel upon the black fabric. With the black twine, attach the portrait to the vessel. Position the cherished items around it, each a beacon of memories, love, and wishes for the soul’s tranquillity. When imbued with intent, fold the fabric around these items, bind with the black ribbon, and tuck in the flowers as a gentle blessing.

Close out your ritual. Find a peaceful nook in nature to dig a resting place for the container. As you bury it, envision a tranquil transition, the soul’s release, taking wing into the vast beyond. In this act, you extend a hand, guiding them towards new horizons.

Note: Because the container gets buried in the earth, I suggest using something eco-friendly.

I have a much longer funeral rite for when she’s ready for the next phase of her journey.

Also, consider that tears are the silent language of raw emotion, transcending borders, cultures, and languages. Every heart, in every corner of the world, has felt the sting of tears, signalling pain, love, or a myriad of profound emotions in between.

Tears are not just water, but an elixir brimming with emotion’s energy. They morph and manifest: tears of rage, tears born from heartbreak, tears that echo compassion, and even those that burst forth in moments of pure elation. Genuine tears are seldom, if ever, empty gestures; they’re the crystallised essence of deepest feelings.

Given their energy, a way to cherish and channel the emotion contained in tears is to place them upon the resting place gently, be it a grave or urn, of a departed soul. When the heart weeps for the loss of a loved one, every tear is a testament to the boundless love felt for them. Let these tearful tributes send a message of your love, memories, and longing to their spirit.


Thank you this is beautiful I love this. I have also wrote a little poem I am not good at these but I think it might also help. What do you think?

Here I stand beside you, alone not I

You body in an eternal sleep

and I shall not cry nor shall I weep

I can not say goodbye for this is not the end

Lost we may be and darkness surrounds me

But there is light I send

As you lie here your body is asleep

We maybe lost for a while but here we stand

Watching and giving you a helping hand

Tho the rain may fall

The sun may shine

I will not weep I will not mourn

You will guide me through this

from dusk till dawn.

Close your eyes so you are free
So it is now so mote it be :triple_moon_goddess:


That poem is truly beautiful, @kirsty4. :face_holding_back_tears: I think you should recite it when you do your spell. :black_heart:

I’m not crying. It’s onions, I swear. :joy:


Thank you I am still learning on writing spells and poems but this just came to me. If I can help her passing I will do what ever it takes to guide her to peace. So close to Samhain as well I had a dream she passed on Samhain. Not sure how to take that dream but one day at a time.


What you wrote, that’s the most natural form of channeling magick. I think you have nothing to second-guess or doubt yourself about. :black_heart:


I’m sorry to hear that your mother-in-law is reaching her final stages of life :people_hugging: :heart: @starborn provided a beautiful ritual (it’s gorgeous!) and I don’t personally have one to add. There is a book by Mortellus titled Do I Have To Wear Black? that I own (but haven’t gotten a chance to read) that’s all about pagan funeral rites and customs. Your local library may have a copy, or there may be a copy on Scribd.

Do I Have to Wear Black?: Rituals, Customs & Funerary Etiquette for Modern Pagans by Mortellus

We also have a few spells on the site and forum, too. I’ll grab some links! I also agree with Starborn that the poem you have written is perfect for your ritual, too. Bringing personal words into the ritual is a wonderful way to make that connection :heart:

Wiccan Prayer for Death of a Loved One / Loss of a Pet – Spells8

To Those Who Are Gone

Healing Through Loss

Loss and Grief Spell Jar


@kirsty4 There is a printable spell in spells8. I don’t know how to link it. @MeganB can you help me?


Absolutely I can! I think it’s the same one I listed above.


Yep that’s it! Thanks @MeganB


You’re very welcome!


Thank you so much so this blessed be :triple_moon_goddess:


Amazing thank you for your help :triple_moon_goddess:


I find these Wiccan prayers to be very soothing for the soul. I hope it gives you peace :sparkling_heart::purple_heart::sparkling_heart:


Yes I hope so too, every morning I do a ritual before I start work I feel it’s helps me and i feel this will too. So sad watching someone suffer breaks my heart. Arranging her funeral whilst she is still here because she has asked us too is also hard but it’s something she wants. :triple_moon_goddess: