Spell For A Wanning Moon Cleansing Spell

April 27 Sat
Colar of the day Brown
Sweep It Away
Some people like to clean well for others it is a chore they’d rather not do. Either way, having the right tools can make a big difference. And when it comes to cleaning what magical which doesn’t know the power of a broom today, we are going to work on some broom magic, this day on the calendar occurs during the waning moon cycle, which is when the moon is moving from full to new a good time for letting go this is a good spell for cleansing your home or office space you will need
:old_key: 3 tablespoons of salt :salt:
:old_key: A refreshing essential oil of your choice
:old_key: One cup of water
Add the salt and three drops of the essential oil to the water, then pour the water over your broom bristles. Use a broom to sweep your floors or any place that needs cleansing.
This spell is by Which is spell a day almanac

I like this very much. I actually used lavender because I wanted the aroma in my household to smell good and be calming. I swept the entrance to the door because I honor Hecate she is a Goddess of Thresholds or doorways or entrances! Think about all the people that walk in the front door :door: so I cleansed this space. First I used a broom and swept then I mopped the entrance!
This is a easy spell that made me feel better protected with the salt and felt a calm with the sweet aroma of Lavender :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart: knowing my home is cleansed and all is calm
Blessed be!
Hail Hecate !


I think your addition of lavender to the spell is a very creative one - I bet it smells amazing! :purple_heart: :witch_broom:

It’s a great time for some spring cleansing, thank you for sharing this lovely spell, Jeannie!