Spell for getting a fur baby?

Hi so i really want a fur baby but my partner says that having an animal such as a cat indoors is considered unclean and/or a sin as he says. Due to my depression once my husband allowed me to adopt a white ragdoll cat and i was the happiest i ever was and found my new best friend which helped me to stay happy and actually stayed longer periods of time studying which i usually give up soon after starting, however after just a few months he kept putting me down by name calling and making me feel guilty(religious reasons) how i am a sinner. So, my question is, is there a spell that i can perform which will improve my chances of getting another fur baby? I know some people will say it is wrong such as wanting to control someone else’s behaviour and that is not what i want to do, i simply want him to lay off this absurd idea since i know other Muslim people who keep cats no issue. Oh before i forget yes i have tried both subtly and face to face to persuade him this is why i have resolved to asking this question. I will be doing a freezing spell in hope that he stops his anger issues and calms down but i don’t feel this is the same as the cat issue…


Just get one :slight_smile: who needs to ask permission?

I was threatened divorce if I got a motorcycle. I have a motorcycle and still married.

Life is too short to worry about others all the time.

Unfortunately for others, you are who you are and others either accept who you are or move along. Thats my method :slight_smile:


I have to agree with Tem. Critters are my life! If I didn’t have my hiking buddy or my cuddle buddy I wouldn’t survive. I always have something. I think I have around 40 critters right now and still plan on more.


I’ve been reading all of your posts. I feel you are really stuck. You must love your husband dearly, because if anyone became or becomes negative with me, they are out of my life. I have been known and told that I am a super independent person, so that may be why, but I’m independent because I have to be. I know it is hard when you love someone, but he accepted you when you got married, what has changed that name calling and hurt feelings are now happening? Sorry if I’m being blunt (another strong quality of mine) but what is stopping you from being YOU? You seem like a beautiful soul, let that soul of yours shine!


My wife and I follow different paths in spirituality but we’ve had to learn to accept each other for who we are.

We’ve both become open-minded and open to conversation about each other’s beliefs without judgement.

I support her through her path, as much as she supports me. I’ve read her books, but it doesn’t vibe the same way for me as it does for her. But I will give her space for her meditation and devotional practice, I will drive her to events relating to her beliefs and I do not judge.

I believe as @NoName says as well. A relationship goes both ways.

And I too have read a lot of your posts @TheMuslimWitch, and it sounds like you are giving more than you are taking. Equality and balance is key.



I’m going to share this spell, in which it can help in the matter. You will need a candle, it can be of any color, but preferably white. Light the candle and think of the person, and of what you want from that person to change. Just have this in focus in your mind, then say this words.

“Change your mind
Change your will
I take your mind
Into my will
I change your mind
I change your will
You will do as I wish
Your mind will change in favor
Of this wish.
By the power of three times three,
It is my will, and harming none, so mote it be
So blessed be.”

:warning: Mod Note: Spell is from SpellsOfMagic.com


The only thing is he has no respect for animals and humans i don’t even want to go there… I had done that last year and i got a sweet baby kitten so sweet and he put her in a carrier on the street somewhere and someone took her! I die a thousand times and cannot forgive myself for even getting her. My other fur baby Poppy the white ragdoll cat was given up for adoption… I keep messaging people on gumtree to say i am interested in their cat or kitten (@Temujin_Calidius you properly know what this is) and he deletes all my messages, it is so frustrating… So i have resolved to spells… If i find one which can enhance my chances maybe a good luck spell but on the other hand my luck has nothing to do with his issues… I at least need someone to cuddle and at the moment i have resolved to Pika the cockatiel and even then my husband has commented that i show her more love than him lol :sweat_smile: :woman_facepalming:


@NoName animals are my life and sometimes when some humans can be cruel, i would rather spend my day with a innocent non-judgemental fur friend…


Thank you @NoName you sound very kind and caring… It is true unfortunately i do love him and the reason i am in like a never ending loop day in and day out. I do not think my past of abuse from other partners help either as i tend to take cohersive behaviour to the heart… Someone once told me straight to my face “either leave him or stop your nonsense with all your defying crap”, it was a huge eye opener as she was right i won’t leave him due to my kids (my husband has no respect for law and is not afraid of it), and i do not want my kids to have to see all that since kids deserve both parents and niether have the right to stop them from seeing the other but unfortunately as my husband has said before go but you are leaving the kids…
So as you can see i am in a pickle and i tend to find other ways to cope and him not working and at home 24/7 does not help when i am trying to care for my kids, study a bachelor degree and tend to the home and him so yer…

Anyways i want to stay positive so i do not either go back to the wrist c u t t i n g or back to being in bed morning to nght unless i am caring for the kids…

So back to my main point, any suggestions on a spell or two?


This is a nice simple spell thank you i will try it will all my intention thank you :pray: :blush:


I understand completely. If you ever feel like chatting just holler. I was in a similar situation. Sending all my positive thoughts towards you. I hope he can open his heart for your passions and loves.

A bachelor degree is impressive, congratulations.

Keep positive and shine


Sorry for bombarding your post :upside_down_face:


No that’s fine nice to chat with you gives me so time to socialise even if it is online… As for the degree it is frustrating and i have complinpated about leaving like a hundred times but i know i will stick it out as i only have less than a year to go from a 3 year course and once that is done i have been told that my learned language skills of Farsi language and this degree will take me places since my areas is soooo populated with people who speak Fars/Dari/Persian (all the same language different dialect). So to me i keep saying to myself the hard work will pay off when i get a job in what i love (supporting people who are newly settling in Australia), and i will be able to take a break from the 24/7 contact with my husband and it may improve our situation by not being in each other’s faces. So win-win i get the cash and i get the dream job… Thanks for replying btw… Love and light :blush: :heartpulse:


Hi @TheMuslimWitch,

Yes, I do indeed know what you are going through, and I deal with these situations on a day to day basis down here and am one of those people your husband tends to “have no respect for law”. So I can tell you that these days, the powers we have when it comes to these situations are quite strong. I’m in a different state to you, but anytime you need to talk, feel free to PM me in private.

So it sounds like you are using your degree as a kind of way out. You are weighing in on the chances that once you finish the degree and get yourself your dream job, you will be able to become more independent and not be in the same house 24/7.
This is great, and good to see you setting yourself those goals, and only 1 more year to go, woohoo!

I just hope that you getting your independence, doesn’t actually make things worse due to jealousy and an increase in coercive behaviour.

In the light of all this, I think the spells you should be looking for are not a fur baby spell - as you know even if you get one, it’ll end up on the streets and given away, right?

You need spells for your self strength, to follow through with action to complete your goal of your degree, and spells to gain employment in that dream job - followed through with more strength for self-independence and the ability to stand up and enjoy life the way you like.

I’ll be right here with you in this community as you achieve these goals, and we will be here cheering and guiding you on if you need it.

I look forward to hearing of your progress and your achievements in these things, and you will be in my thoughts when I meditate and cast out spells into the aether.



@TheMuslimWitch ~ If it feels appropriate within your soul, perhaps you would like to read about trauma bonds. https://cptsdfoundation.org/2019/11/22/recognizing-and-breaking-a-trauma-bond/ I hope this is okay to post. I have been where you are and am sending you so much love. I’m cheering you on and will keep you in my prayers. Blessings and Light. :heart:


Thank you bright bear and it is no problem at all… i will check the link out now :blush: