Spell Organization

Is it just my OCD or does anyone else have issues with not being able to find a spell when you want it?

I have several books I have bought which contain spells that I can’t see rewriting in my BOS because they are already wrote down. But lately it’s been driving me crazy because I know I have a spell and don’t know where it is. I have 4 BOS and at least 6 other books I have bought that have spells.

So this week my need for organization hit me hard. I have been going through every book I have and writing the name of the spell on an index card and filing them in a recipe box. This is taking forever and I’ve only gotten through 1 book.

How do you organize your spells so you know where to find them? Or don’t you?


I only typically write down the spells that are absolute favorites that I use again and again. I have lofty dreams of a big grimoire filled with spells and notes, handwritten of course, that can be passed down through the generations… but that hasn’t happened yet. I tend to believe the right spell will find me when I need it… hence the reason I don’t really write them down!

I feel ya though, on not being able to find what you need! I am currently looking for a wax seal kit that I know I own. I have looked EVERYWHERE that I thought that it was and I still cannot find it! UGH! I’m also missing my new pendulum which I cannot seem to put my hand on. It is VERY frustrating!


I like your idea of the recipe box. That sounds like a good solution.
I hear you having a lot of resources and trying to feel more prepared and organized.
When I feel feverish about finding a specific spell and I can’t that is usually a sign for me to go slow. It means I have left my physical body and i need to return to do the spell. So I Breathe and ask my guides, and Pantheon to help me find the spell that will be for my highest good. Then I usually find just want I need.
Trusting that the seen and unseen with take care of me if I ask for help… sometimes out loud… :purple_spell_candle: :spider_web: :witch_pentacle:


Mines a chaotic mess, everything in one binder, full of notebooks. But!!! Ta da :partying_face: I’ve bought a big nice book which I’m going to split into sections:

My stuff (experiences, journal etc)
Nordic studies

We’ll see if I succeed or no :person_shrugging: as this sort of organisation goes against the way I’m wired :rofl:


I ran across a locate missing items spell yesterday! But I have no idea which book it was in! :rofl::rofl::rofl: I remember thinking I needed to put that one in my card catalogue but didn’t get it in there.

I was doing that too but then thought , “oh wait! What if my daughter or granddaughter want one of these others spells some day?” So started writing them all. :woman_shrugging:t2:

That’s a good idea! Why didn’t I think of that! I bet they would help me find the one I wanted or one that’s even better! :woman_facepalming:t2:

I bought one of those too! I now have two of them and they are over stuffed. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Well, I’ll be the outlier here (again or rather as usual!!! :laughing:)

I am very organized and have digital items in nested folders according to type. I have all my printed ones put in alphabetical order (after being organized to type) as well. Do I know where everything is all the time? No. But it doesn’t take me long to find it. :woman_shrugging: (chaos/disorganization and I do not get along :joy:)


It’s a gift, I love chaos but not in my grimoire :rofl:


I’m with @tracyS on this. Love the chaos just not trying to find spells. I very seldom use my computer so having things on there is pointless for me. And if I only had my one grimoire (the printed out one in binders) it would be easier. The ones in binders are very organized. It’s just all of the books I have that have spells, I can’t see typing them all out and printing them when they are already in print. Your way sounds very organized tho!


I just have my one BOS. Before I do a spell I write it in my BOS with a Title. I feel the power in the ink on the page. The energy of my intentions marking the paper


I can see how that would help in casting a spell. I usually read over them, if not creating a new one, a few times and concentrate on them before doing them. If i create a new spell then I write it in my handwritten BOS and reread it a few times before casting. But I like to use spells out of my Of Blood and Bones book, my book on Fae, and another grimoire or two I bought. I hate having to look through all the books to remember which book it’s in.


I’ve just started going through my Nordic spell books and writing the title and page number of my favourite spells on a piece of paper, which I will then stick in each book. :person_shrugging: Time will tell if this works, but it’s a try. :rofl:


Sounds like a good plan! That sounds way simpler than what my OCD brain decided I needed to do. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


I’m like a lot of others here. I don’t tend to write down a lot of my spells unless I do them regularly or they work well :laughing: I do have a little collection of spells I find interesting, but nothing too crazy.

My Notion grimoire is organized by tags because that’s the way my brain likes to work. I like Notion because it allows me to keep things pretty organized without too much effort.



I wish I used my laptop more. It would be so much easier to organize! I think I’m just too old school. :rofl::rofl: not to mention, I have had too many laptops freeze up or just quit working and nobody could ever figure out why and thus lost a lot of saved information.


There’s also something nice about books and paper, although my hand would currently disagree from all the writing I’m doing right now, putting everything on paper. :rofl:


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I agree! All the writing I’ve been doing in putting spells on notecards I’m gonna have carpel tunnel ontop of everything else! :rofl::rofl::rofl: but I do like the handwritten better than computer.


One of my books is organized by the materials used. First, I separated the spells by whether they required physical items, a mix of physical and mental energies, or purely spiritual work. Then I gathered the spells by common themes. I found it works for me.

I also dreamed of a comprehensive grimoire, once upon a time. A lovely movie I watched recently (Little Witch with Karoline Herfurth)

showed one containing 7892 spells, which had to be memorized in one year. I haven’t counted what I have, but I’m confident I’ve learned about that many. The problem and joke of it all was the book was bigger than the witch! Why didn’t she think to find a miniaturizing spell like the one Merlin uses in Disney’s Sword and the Stone to carry it home with her?



Great organization! One of my medications for my fibromyalgia affects my memory so I have a hard time with memorization now. The only one I have memorized is my migraines oil because I’ve made so many bottles of it for people I know.

:rofl::rofl::rofl: yes! That spell should have been somewhere in that big book!