Spell/Potions Plastic Bottle?

Can you do spell jars or make potions in plastic bottles? I am trying to find glass bottles but I can’t find any so I emptied and cleaned a plastic spire bottle, will this still work or must it be glass?


Personally I’d say anything goes, after all I did an abundance spell in an old salsa jar. But I’m not sure, so you may want to get some other opinions too!


Id say the same, anything goes. I’m stocking up on my fave slaw dressing (Marzettis) bottles to use because they are just perfect!
Salsa jars are a good idea too @kasie.

This one I’m using to put shark teeth in that I’ve found.
I also am keeping my empty CBD spliff bottles that have a small cork top.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I say go for it under a few conditions that are more practical and safety-related than magickal.

:herb: You won’t be burying the jar.

I personally don’t like to bury anything that biodegrades, but plastic especially. It isn’t good for the planet or your local ecosystem. It might get squished under the dirt, but if you bury glass, chances are better that it will survive for you to dig it up.

:herb: You don’t put any essential oils in plastic

Many different essential oils degrade plastics making them unsafe to use for topical application and definitely not for ingestion. Most often this happens with citrus oils, but I would err on the side of caution and not put any essential oils in plastic at all.


I think it’s up to you, in the end it’s your spell so you choose the materials you want to work with. Each will be different, for example plastic will never break like glass may.

As long as you’re recycling, I don’t see the problem. The bottles are already there and want to be used for something or they’ll end up buried anyway.