Spell to forget

Yis there any sort of spell to help my partner leave the passed were it is as he is pulling me down everytime he speaks about the passed please xx


I mean not unless he wants to. He has to fully want that. Maybe he not ready to let it go. Or he may need to find a way to work through that. Honestly I think it’s something he has to do or want. I been dealing with something like this. I’m on the verge of leaving. The other night he tried to throw my past in my face as usual. I now stand up for myself. I told him I don’t need him. And that he doesn’t have the right to bring up my past. It’s not his to bring up. And for the first time I’ve been able to just walk away. I’m telling you this so u see I’m going through it as well. I don’t know if a spell is something this needs just my thoughts. But if that’s what u think u need I support u


Cord cutting or binding spell one of these but what @devenne said


Agreed. But me personally I would not want to bind myself to this that’s why I never did any any any love spells with him lol. But like I said that’s my personal opinion. Opinions are like assholes

We all got them. If it doesn’t apply to u no harm no foul


One part of a song that stands is a hecate song to me still “with cord and blade our memory will fade”


Yep it hits hard. I’m inching closer and closer that way. Although I will say I know he felt it in my voice when I said I’ll leave. Because he was telling me to leave. I said I will. He’s like oh call ur friends to see if u can stay with them or wait u don’t have any. I said I do and I don’t need anyone. Why I say he felt it was he apologized literally five min after I walked away I didn’t hold him back when he tried to put his arm around me he thought I was going to turn my head to meet a kiss. Hell no I kept my head straight hands in my lap… I just cried a little. Then hid in the bedroom all night. He even apologized a second time thru text the next morning. He never apologizes like ever. And if he had in the past it was more of a gross immmmm sorrryyy deal like a mocking way. But not this time. Maybe my demons came at him or maybe he just felt it. But I’m not gonna get my hopes up I refuse to do that anymore


Are you asking because expressing his past is hurting your feelings? This may be an issue of emotional binding he has to work with. If this is the case, please be patient with him. What he is doing may be personal shadow work. Causing him to shut down could create a shadow which will be harder for you to deal with, later.

As for anyone throwing your past in your face, those are your shadows to work with when you are ready. Anyone forcing you to work at a depth you are unprepared for is locking the shadow into place, not helping. Besides, it can cause you to build a wall of distrust around yourself, destroying the relationship.


@georgia Beautifully said. I concur


What it is that we split up for a couple of months because he kept accusing me having an affair beghind his back when he worked and it pulled me down so when we split up i ended up seeing someone couple weeks after we split up but i was always thinking about him so i got back with him and he started questioning about the other guy to me and now he keeps destroying us because he keeps bringing him up xx


I think I know what happened, your energy shifted. It’s something I’ve read about and felt myself too. It can cause dramatic changes in people’s behavior, like suddenly they respect you. And it’s often the realization “you know what, I’m done with this shit”. Not angry, more like silent, tired determination. Like things shifting into perspective, seeing clearly for the first time. Maybe some hard limit being reached, and “this was here now”. No more empty threats, just stating how it is. Time to fly.


Thanks for explaining this to me. It’s been a long time coming.


Maybe a spell to bring him peace, with his permission of course


I’m sorry your going through this. It’s not easy I know. I’ve also been through this exact situation and for me personally it didn’t work out.the guy that this happened with it turned violent on his part he could not let it go. And I had to leave. So just be careful. I’m sending you lots of love. Sorry I’m not much help lol. I’m here if u need to talk love


Thankyou love xx


What spell is that love xx


Hi @elaine,

I’m sorry for what you’re going through :people_hugging:

Here is a spell to burn away the past that you could try, but note that this spell is meant to be cast by someone who fully embraces their wish to move forward. Like Devenne said, the spell recipient would have to be ready to move forward. It may not work on someone who is actively clinging to the past with no desire to let go.

I also have a spell to forget from my personal collection, but again- it’s a spell meant to be cast by the person who wishes to forget something/someone. It’s not really something that could be done for someone else, although you are welcome to adapt it to better suit your needs.

Spell to Forget
by Bry Wisteria

You will need:

  • 3 small pieces of paper
  • 3 markers or colored pencils: black, grey, and white
  • A fire-proof vessel :cauldron:
  • Waning moon :waning_crescent_moon:

Begin by using the black pencil to write on the first piece of paper. Write “I want to forget…” followed by the situation or person you are removing from your memory. Fold the paper three times, speak the words aloud, and toss it away- into the flames.

When the first piece of paper has fully burned, take the grey pencil and your second piece of paper. Write “I will forget…” followed by the situation or person you are removing from your memory. Fold the paper three times, speak the words aloud, and toss it into the flames.

When the second paper has turned to ash, take the white pencil and your final piece of paper. Write “I have forgotten about…” followed by the situation. Fold the paper three times, speak the words aloud, and toss it into the flames. Let your mind and heart feel lighter- you have now taken three steps forward on the healing journey to forget.

In one month, if thoughts continue to linger on the edges of your mind, repeat the spell again at the next waning moon.

A note that this spell works best for situations that are complete but are causing lingering damage- this spell will not work for ongoing situations where there are still important life lessons to be learned.

Wishing you all the best, Elaine- blessed be :sparkles: