Spells Involving Fire

So fire is not my friend. I tend to lose eyebrows and almost burn down the house when dealing in any way with fire. I try to avoid it at all costs.
I’m a fairly passive green kitchen witch, and earth and water are more my thing.
Would it mess up a spell if I buried things instead of setting them on fire? Because I live in the forest, fire isn’t my best choice, especially since I seem to make it very angry.


That is an interesting and possibly debateable question. One which I don’t have an answer for but the conversation should be interesting


Hi @lilysmiles,

That’s a great question- thanks for asking it!

From a safety perspective, casting should always be done in a controlled environment where you and your surroundings are safe. If you feel nervous around fire, I think it’s in the best interest of you (and your spell!) to be calm, collected, and in-control. You’ll be better able to focus your intention when you don’t have to worry about safety concerns.

Besides, you don’t need a live flame to bring fire energy into a spell- there are many other ways to draw on the energy of this element. Feel free to use any items that correspond with fire to bring some hot energy into the spell. Some suggestions:

  • Herbs (such as ginger and cinnamon) that correspond with fire :ginger:
  • Draw the elemental symbol (:fire_element:)
  • Use crystals (such as lava stone, obsidian, carnelian) that correspond with fire :gem:
  • A picture or video of fire or candles :fire:

In my opinion, it would only mess up the spell if you feel it is messing up the spell.

Over the years, I’ve come to use fire both to banish as well as to send out a message, but when I first started I much preferred to use fire exclusively for banishment- that’s what felt right to me at the time, and it worked in my spells :woman_shrugging:

Your emotions and beliefs have great power in your spellwork- after all, it is your intention that is the driving power in most forms of manifestation!

I would recommend that you try a few different things- leaving the fire out, substituting it, burying things instead of burning them, etc- and keep a journal of what you feel works and what didn’t work. With some trial and some time, you’ll know exactly what works best for you and your practice! :sparkles:

Whatever you choose to do, I’m wishing you all the best with it @lilysmiles! Blessed be and happy casting :magic_wand:


Herbs and crystals and changing the focus of my intentions I can do! That makes me so much more confident in my spells. I don’t know what I did to make fire so angry with me, but I’m giving it space to help others. And not burn down my house and my forest.


I don’t see why not! Or use water, tear up petition slips, and throw it in a stream or river. Or when you want to banish something, write it on toilet paper and flush it. It’s all good.

I’m of the belief that the more comfortable you are with what you’re doing, the better your magic will be.


Oh no! We for sure don’t want you using an element that you’re uncomfortable with, and fire definitely requires a certain level of comfort :fire: I hope your eyebrows are okay, too!

In my practice, this depends on the purpose of the spell. I tend to use earth for things that need to grow and change rather than releasing energy into the world to do work. :candle: That doesn’t mean that earth can’t do that, but it may take some creativity to figure it out!

This is a great idea, and a wonderful exercise in intuitive workings and keeping a record of your spells. :clap: I highly agree with this suggestion!


I have a ‘Wild and Scenic River’ right by me. I’m thinking eco-friendly paper with my…thing, tossed into that crazy wild water. Yeah. That just made my head and heart happy. Thanks!


You’re welcome! I hope it works well for you!


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