Spells or items for protection against being taken advantage of

Hi quick question :
Is there or are there spells or items to help protection against being taken advantage of by others. I can’t figure out a way to fix a situation that I now realise IS an issue though I’ve been conditioned by others to see this as normal so that id accept it not realising it wasn’t ok or normal. Even now I struggle not to accept it as normal or ok. It’s a constant battle to fight that conditioning from others to just accept it. Sometimes i feel I’m just over reacting and rather than thinking too much about it I should just put my head down n keep going n try ignore the building pressure, pain and exhaustion and increasing load been placed on me esp with the lack of support to actually get it all done without driving myself into the ground just to jold the place together. . I feel alone in this situation and I realise I also feel a little trapped by it as well. I can’t think what might help in this situation or if a general protection spell or item might help n just signify what the specific situation or intention was somehow in the spell. I’d appreciate any suggestions.


Well first off, you need to completely crush that conditioning to let others walk all over you. Neh that shit aint right. Second, and not to be mean i come off mean sometimes but it’s because im very blunt. But you gotta tell these people that you need help you cant do everything yourself. And they gotta pull there weight too. And third. You gotta reteach yourself to be your own person and stand up to those jerks who think they can walk all over you. Hunny your a witch and its time to put the grown up pants on and tell people to back off and make them damn sure you are NOT there servent.


I fully agree with this, and Nikita said it well too- it is indeed a really tough battle to fight that conditioning. That being said, sticking up for ourselves is essential for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It really is that important!

Accepting things to avoid confrontation may seem like the easy option in the moment and it may seem like it’s a solution, but it actually leads to a lot of long-term internal damage. Pushing down your instincts and ignoring your needs is brutal for your mind, body, and spirit.

You’ve already taken the first two big steps, Danni- which are:

  1. acknowledging that there is a problem and your needs are going unacknowledged
  2. beginning the search for solutions

You’re already on the path forwards- I’m proud of you! :raised_hands: :heart: As for what to do from here, my best suggestion is to work Self-Confidence Spells. Spells of this type help to boost your confidence and give you the voice you need in order to stand up for yourself.

Here are a few suggestions for confidence, strength, and determination:

Self-Confidence Spell: The Fearless Sigil

Yellow Candle Spell for Strength

Zeus Prayer for Leadership, Strength, and Courage

I’m cheering for you, Danni- I hope you can find the perfect spell to help light the way towards helping you stick up for yourself. Blessed be! :sparkles:


I appreciate your feedback. It’s ok my dad can be blunt ( though he usually has a few swear words in his responses to show his support or care ) but I get when it’s out of care and when it’s being mean. N I don’t think your doing that here to be mean so it’s cool.
While I can do that on the ground level in a stlightly different way otherwise im adding fuel to the fire of the tension already going on. . with people who aren’t pulling their weight, but there are issues that come from higher up and telling them that I’m not their servant will likely loose me my job. I’d need to be careful how I approach that as they may also destroy my repretation just for standing up for myself and not only would I loose my job but chance of getting another one or even when I start my buisness could negatively impact it… I’ve tried standing up to bullies n abusers before and they got away with it and I got burnt and shunned as a result. That’s why I know I need to do something but I’m going to need a little help to come out of it without getting burnt.
But I do really appreciate that you’ve been supportive. N it helps to have that feedback from someone else to say no it’s not ok so I know I’m not just overreacting.


Thank you for the suggestions and feedback here. I’d been so focused on the protection side I hadn’t thought of a self confidence spell. It’s worth the look.
I do understand about needing to stand up for myself, I just don’t want anyone else to get hurt in the process. When the pressure put on you I’d said to be to help out other ppl or something to support those care for, when you see ppl struggling you want to protect them or help them but there needs to be a balance and sometimes people use my caring and helpful nature against me. Also standing up for myself against ppl in power has always led with them getting away with it n I get burnt n shunned as if I’m the bad guy for just standing up for myself. You get ever flaw your self conscious of thrown back in your face as if you don’t deserve better because of it or that their actions are justified. I guess that’s why i was focused on the protection side. . I know it’s never as easy as making a stand, I’ve already done that politely brought up the issue and they told me what I wanted to hear but things didn’t get better, they did nothing to change or fix it, in fact it got worse. I’m already feeling the heat n wonder if the difficulties lately have been because i had already troed to stand up fir myseld or set boundaries. It’s almost like drawing attention to myself just made it worse n now I’m being punished for it.
Confidence would be good so I’ll look into that as well and I’ll keep looking at what I need to deal with the situation. It might be that I need a few different things to deal with the different aspects of the situation rather than one big one. But the confidence thing I think will be good to include. So thankyou for that. Sorry I think I need to go have more coffee my brain is crashing or overload I’m not sure… I do hope I made sense. Sorry if I didn’t. Not enough sleep n everything going on, my brains fried at the moment. Maybe coffee help. Lol oh yeah completely forgot I made peppermint tea earlier n put in the fridge. Been in front of computer so long. But again Thank you for both of your responses


You’re very welcome, Danni- I’m happy if I could help! :heart: And yes, don’t worry- you made perfect sense. I hope you enjoyed your coffee and tea time! :tea::blush:

I think that’s a really wise way to look at it. Oftentimes we have a complex issue and search for :sparkles: that one perfect spell :sparkles: but the more complex the issue, the less likely I’ve found that there is just one spell to fix all the aspects of the problem. A combination of multiple spells may be a better approach in such a case.

What you’ve said here makes me think that perhaps some balance spells may be a good partner for the self confidence spellwork. It sounds like you are making good efforts to stick up for yourself, but you also care about others and don’t want them to be hurt- spellwork for a happy equilibrium where no one is pushed beyond their limit may be another thing to consider.

Do you happen to have a tiger’s eye crystal? There is a lovely Tiger’s Eye Activation Spell for Balance that may help. Also, any spellwork that involves Libra (the Scales- a Zodiac of balance) may help you, which is ideal as tomorrow’s Full Moon will be in the sign of Libra :balance_scale: :grinning:

As always, I’m cheering you on Danni- good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


Lol yeah being a Libra sign you’d think I’d have better balance in life but it’s a constant battle to find a balance bring pulled in so many directions. Thanks for the additional suggestions. I have a blue tigers eye, I’m not sure if that works the same as the brown one. I’ll look into that. Thanks for all the support n suggestions it’s so appreciated. I’ve literally had surface pressure song from encanto on repeat for many hours ( sorry neighbours lol) and singing along to it as I’ve been working. I’ve made progress and I’m trying to get all this work our of the way so I can do other stuff on long weekend other than spending the whole easter weekend working. I still have an assignment due next week, I need food, I’ve rationed food till I can get to shop but it’s cutting it close. I’ve got things need to do like washing or cleaning my place but I’m literally juggling everything going back and forward trying to keep on top of everything. Trying to balance out doing things for others and things I need to do but even simple things I feel selfish to take a break or do things for me when I have so much I need to do for others. I think that’s why surface pressure song resonates so much. It’s not the big stuff it’s all the little things that ppl give me to do that builds and they never realise just how much pressure they are putting on me. The words ‘pressure like a drip drip drip that will never stop’… actually so much of the lyrics resonates with me right now. I guess that’s why it’s been on repeat for the past few hours. It’s helped me to focus and keep going. But I need balance I have simple things I need to do, I have a buisness in holistic wellbeing that I’m trying to start. A website barely worked on cause things even the buisness that will give some help to get out of the hole I’m in but it’s been put on hold for so long and I’m trying to set boundaries so I can do what I need but it’s a tug of war. It’s a juggling act and more work put on me, the more that starts dropping and usually their the things that are for me cause others need me to carry the load. The company or management don’t seem to recognise what’s been given to me which is evident by my pay being below the tasks I’m being given and more stuff keep getting added like sending 3 staff home early before jobs were done to save cost of staff but that left more on the 3 staff left for the last 4 hours of the day when all the jobs needed to be done. There is a lot of elements to the situation that need help and so I appreciate feedback and suggestion esp just taking a moment to write something takes time away from work in not getting paid to do. But I’d get into trouble if it’s not done and so would others. Low iron and burn out causing exhaustion and pain and trouble concentration. Finding balance. Dealing with the work situation. While some who work with me recognise what’s going on some even trying to resolve it but then those not pulling their weight were getting told to nurture them cause their diamonds but those carrying the excessive loads are treated like yeah whatever they can carry the load ( even though I’ve told the area manager I needed to step back cause I’d been under too much pressure for too long I’ve burnt out. It’s too much. It’s been months and I’ve ended up carrying more of the load n having to maintain the level I am but my pay is what It would of been had I stepped back. Yeah complex situation. The fair pay spell I did a while back didn’t do anything. The only encouragement is my direct boss telling me she sees how much I do n it’s appreciated and that she’s glad she has me on the team. Some staff I work with also had acknowledge the situation. . But even everytime I think I’ve got a handle on things more gets given to me more pressure. That’s why it’s pressure that drips and never stops. The straw that breaks the camel’s back. It’s constant pressure and it’s a constant battle to stay on top of it all leading to staying up all night to try keep up with all the work even after a full day of work n overtime n 3hours of travel in day on public transport. . I’m trying to find a balance but sometimes it feels selfish to put myself in front of others and also the way things are there is talk like not getting things done could cost me my job or cost the workplace getting shut down so I am left trying to hold the place together. This is suppose to be a santuary for those I care for, there are so many young or new ppl that are struggling and some that don’t pull their weight as much as they should, but the place is struggling as it is and we’re trying to get things back to where its supposed to be what it was before we lost so much staff n while people are away because of covid.which puts more pressure on me and those few others who are there. So maybe I need protection for the workplace to protect from illness. There is so much… once I get this work done n some of assessment sorted at least I might try put together a brain storm on what aspects are there and what I might need. . At least I’ve got a starting point thanks to your suggestions so Thank you heaps it’s appreciated. Sorry this was long. I almost feel like I haven’t had a chance to process just how much is there in this just helped to define some of the aspects in my head. But yeah thanks heaps for the suggestions. It really is appreciated… I better get back to work if I want to get a chance to work on this. It’s after 9pm and I’ve still got lots to do. Lol never the dull moment, always on the go. I need to get a better balance otherwise how can I help others help themself through my buisness building if I can’t even help myself🤦‍♀️i dont want to let ppl down but if i cant look after myself n do things I need even simple things how can I help others. I get this and ppl tell me I should look after myself but leave me with no choice but to put my needs aside to carry the load they give me to help other ppl n I want to help but I need to look after myself. And my wellbeing sucks right now n I recognise different aspects of wellbeing affect other areas of wellbeing but I’m so overloaded I’m not only not sure how to fix it but finding time and energy to deal with it is a constant battle. But I think I will get there. As I said got starting points. So thanks again. ok i need to stop talking . Need to get back into it. Sorry it was so long a response .


You’re very welcome, Danni- I’m happy if some of the suggestions could help you! :heart: And no worries at all- writing things out is one of my favorite ways to organize my thoughts and process things.

Which leads me to think- have you found the Journalling Course on the site yet? It has these Journalling Prompts that are great for helping to get your thoughts focused and then guiding you to express things through pen and paper (or keyboard :wink: :computer:). There’s a Self-Care Journal Collection that may be able to help you work on finding some inner peace and balance as you take care of yourself :balance_scale: :two_hearts:

Good luck and blessed be, Danni- keep on taking good care of yourself, and I hope you can find the happy point of equilibrium you are seeking (and reduce a lot of that pressure you are feeling)! :pray:


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