Spells to Forget Someone

Outside of cord cutting, if anyone has any spells to forget someone? A lot of the ones I see regards exes. Looking for one not dealing with romantic relationships, but relatives and non-relatives, and one that doesn’t include forgiveness, but to just straight up forget for a time being (until I need to remember again - if recourse becomes available will take it).

Or is cord cutting THE way to go?


Hi, @Eliza_01 ~ what about adapting a spell to fit your situation? This one [https://spells8.com/release-you-spell-forget-love/] is for a romantic relationship, but if you take the idea and put your own twist on it, would that work?


I was checking that spell out before I posted this. Like it a lot for the simplicity of it, not drawn out, but it gets to the point with the ritual, and that is forgetting, it’s a good one. That’s why I was reluctant to do a whole drawn out cord cutting ritual, too much time remembering and focusing on forgetting. There are people that I consciously have forgotten about, but cords were still connected and needed to cut them, went through it, Ex boyfriend, bad person growing up, and need to think of other reasons.

Yes, definitely eyeing that spell, and will modify it, agree. Thank you for confirming! :slight_smile:


Ah, great minds think alike! :grinning: hehe. Glad it helped! :heart:


Was so going to end that post with great minds think alike too, lol. Love it, but I held back, but yeah seriously great minds do think alike! Much appreciate the confirmation! :hugs: